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With Lionel Messi 'it was not possible' to build a new Barça

Published:18/11/2021 - 16:31h

Updated:18/11/2021 - 16:31h

At FC Barcelona there are too many speeches regarding Messi and the importance that this could have or not for the team in the future. José Elías, the club's maximum guarantor, has left a more than controversial opinion

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Leo Messi left to be player of the FC Barcelona does more than three months and keeps on being a hit that, deportivamente, the club still has not achieved to assume, much less surpass. The Argentinian, from does more than a decade, turned into the engine of the team and a referent for the Barcelona entity, in all the senses. However, there is those who think that the most positive has been that left during the summer, because 'interposed' in the plan of the Barça of face to the future.

It is, words more, words less, the message that has wanted to transmit José Elías, president of Audax and maximum avalista of the FC Barcelona, the one who visited to the program 'The Sotana' and 'wetted' with the exit of Leo Messi of the Camp Nou, leaving two sentences that until the moment were impossible to imagine to listen from 'inside' of the club. In his opinion, Messi had to leave a year before so that ingresara something by his exit, but was not the 'bombazo' final, because it stood out that "the people confused his tears" the day of his farewell.

"Convert the Barça in a winning team goes through to do a project post-Messi"

In concrete, said that "I what said is that, like culé, as José Elías, if we had left to go to Messi a year before, had taken out something of money. If we had taken 100 million euros had given me with a singing in the teeth". Likewise, it aimed that "the end of Messi saw ; if it was not the past year, was this and convert the Barça in a winning team goes through to do a project post-Messi" and that it was necessary to take a decision sometime because "Messi has an age not to be in the Barça. And they say me: you what wanted to, that jubilase here? As no". His words arrive a week after the culés fichasen to Dani Alves, of 38 years.

To light even more the controversy, José Elías commented that the interpretation of the tears of Leo Messi in his farewell was wrong. "It is law of life. And to me it fucked me the day that Messi piró. But I think that the people confused the tears, to the parrot. Apart from that a lot of people said me that I did not renew to Messi, that is the gilipollez bigger in the world", stood out.

"Messi cried by a sum of things, no because it did not be the Barça. To Messi was him finish a cycle"

In this same line, underlined that 'The Flea' did not cry by not being still in Can Barça, but because it saw to finish a cycle. "Messi did not cry by not being still in the Barça, but it cried by a sum of things, no because it did not be the Barça (...) To Messi was him finish a cycle. And to this adds him that it has done the life in Barcelona and that the people was integrated".

The exit of Messi, by sportive reasons

Although Joan Laporta, Leo Messi and from inside the club have aimed in a few occasions that the exit of the Argentinian owed only to the 'fair play' financial and the difficulty to inscribe it in the staff, the president of Audax has referred to that it also has his sportive reasons, standing out that the exit of Messi is good of face to the future.

"The Barça had some economic and organisational limitations. With the panojal that had to him soltar, how go afterwards to Hammered and say him that it go down to the wage", adding that they had three reasons by which Messi could not follow: "The organisation salarial of the club: it was necessary to face some discounts salariales difficult to defend. Two, did not have paste to pay him and were doing the pine bridge to backwards to pay him on hire purchase, that is what are doing there. (In the PSG) have to You autoengañar to think that can follow. And three, it is necessary to generate a new team and a new illusion and with Messi inside could not".

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