The ex president of the fc barcelona denies the possible exit of neymar jr

Words of Laporta on the exit of Neymar and the Classical

Words of Laporta on the exit of Neymar and the Classical

Published:19/11/2015 - 14:02h


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The ex president of the FC Barcelona that presented to the past presidential elections won by Josep Maria Bartomeu, Joan Laporta, has conceded some statements in which it has spoken on diverse questions of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid that surround to the Classical

The Classical - Gone in / Ticket FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid
The Classical - Gone in / Ticket Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona
Ticket - Gone in for all the parties of the FC Barcelona

In statements conceded during a celebrated act in Madrid, Joan Laporta has spoken on multiple questions related with the Classical of League BBVA that will contest next Saturday Real Madrid and FC Barcelona in Santiago Bernabéu, without showing at all surprised in fact by the constant rumours about the exit of Cristiano Ronaldo of the Real Madrid.

"It does not surprise me all what is happening, think that Cristiano is a player that is in a moment of his career in which it has to pose all these questions. The market is in a moment very good by all the money that has injected in the Premier and this can do that they encourage other sponsors. He carries a lot of years in the Madrid and maybe can find other ways. The players look for the best agreements. The market is so that they move all these questions and Cristiano is in an age that is the suitable", has signalled the ex president culé.

Joan Laporta expects that the FC Barcelona win the Classical. "I think that it will win the Barça. Have better team. In the Bernabéu always have done good parties, have some in the memory. It will be a big party and will win. The Barça arrives better and besides have in state of grace to our forwards. And if on it arrives Leo, think that have it very well". And desconoce if Leo Messi will play the party. "That is the secret of the crown, but the truth that do not have information. Messi is a winner, like him this type of parties because this is the best show of the world. It goes it to see todoo the world and have the hope that it can play it. If it is well, by mínimamente that was, will play". To Laporta would have liked him that it played in the FC Barcelona.

Laporta No destituiría to Rafa Benítez still

"There is grandísimos players in the Madrid that they could play in the Barça but each one is well where is. James is a player of a grandísima quality. In fact, in the Madrid still have not seen to the best James". After the last statements of Javier Thebes asking that they withdraw the esteladas in the Bernabéu, Laporta thinks that the Real Madrid will not do it. "I do not think that they withdraw them. It is known that the fans of the Barça go always with the esteladas and with the senyeras. I do not think that they do it because I think that it is a feeling that have in Catalonia. It is a subject that does not concern me because I already have left the politics but sure that the Madrid goes us to respect".

To Laporta likes him more the game of the FC Barcelona that the one of the Real Madrid. "To me it likes me more how it plays the Barça. Still we play to two touch. The constant changes of trainer do that the teams resientan and need time. We arrive with better team and with our forwards in series". And on the possible dismissal of Rafa Benítez if the Real Madrid begins to chain bad results, has it clear: "I do not go to say what has to do the Madrid but to me worked me hold to the trainer. In a moment delicate held to Rijkaard although it was unpopular and afterwards did the same with Guardiola. All the trainers know a lot of football and if you give them confidence carry out the results".

"I think that Neymar does not go to go"

Laporta Does not think that Neymar Jr go to leave of the FC Barcelona. "I think that Neymar does not go to go. Neymar Is very to taste in the Barça playing with Leo. In the Barça is very difficult that a player want to go because it plays with the best player of the history and besides enjoys. There is very good roll in the changing room and this notices . If you find you well in a team and in a city for what go to change. Besides, I think that it is happy because we play very well although we still have to improve a lot to reach our level".

Finally, it has ensured that Neymar is to the level of Cristiano Ronaldo, but still has not arrived to the of Messi. "Neymar Is in the group of perseguidores. Leo is the best, is to another level, marks the difference and afterwards has a group of perseguidores in which it is Neymar".

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