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Xavi Hernández's numbers as coach of FC Barcelona

Published:25/05/2024 - 05:16h

Updated:27/05/2024 - 18:40h

Xavi Hernández will not continue at FC Barcelona and it is time to analyze his seasons and the statistics collected in the three and a half campaigns he has spent in the Barcelona team

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The stage of Xavi Hernández like míster of the FC Barcelona already is history. The club has confirmed this Friday that the trainer of Terrassa will leave the bench culé after the end of the present season. After a pair of weeks very agitated, with rumours very strong of the wish of Joan Laporta of destituir to the egarense, finally the entity, comandada by the president, has decided to cut of root his relation with him, that in principle finalised in 2025.

The míster Catalan will leave the Barça after directing 142 parties in total, with some statistics of 90 victories, 24 ties and 29 defeats. In total, the ex of the To the-Sadd has won in 63,3% of his crashes contested, surpassing to Ronald Koeman (59,7%), but losing in comparison with Quique Setién (64%) and Ernesto Valverde (66,7%), that went the predecessors of the Dutch. Luis Enrique (76,2%), Pep Guardiola (72,4%) and even Tito Vilanova (73%) play in another league in what to percentage of triumphs refers , by what compare him with them would not have felt.

First season of Xavi in the Barça: 2021/2022

To Xavi it is necessary to analyse him season to season, since it arrived to the club in November of 2021 to replace to a Koeman that had to the culés ninth. The one of Terrassa debuted with victory in the derbi against the Espanyol on 20 November (1-0). Few days afterwards, the 23, did not achieve that his team won to the Benfica in a party to life or death to happen to eighth of Champions League, and after empatar (0-0) finish condemning to the Barcelona to the 'hell' of the Europe League.

Luckily, the turbulent beginning of the era Xavi began to go to better with the arrival of the 2022, when Laporta brought him important signings that improved to the team. They arrived Ferran Torres, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Adama Traoré and Dani Alves to improve to the Barcelona and achieve that they went out of the 'pozo' in LaLiga. All were important, especially 'Auba' with his goals, and the barcelonistas finished the course with good feelings and with a goleada in Santiago Bernabéu against the Real Madrid (0-4), that in spite of not serving to win any title, gave a lot of confidence of face to what was for arriving.

In League, taking into account that in November the Barcelona went ninth, did a meritoria traced back, finish at the end in the second place, only by behind the Madrid, that went champion. In Europe, unfortunately, did not have so much luck and, after being deleted of the Champions and to have to play the Europe League, the culés him it 'hit' in the second continental competition. After arriving to the quarter-finals, the ones of Xavi were deleted against the Eintracht of Frankfurt against prognosis, empatando in the gone (1-1) and falling in the turn (2-3) in a party that the Barça went losing estripitosamente by 0-3.

The statistics of Xavi in his 1ª campaign in the Barça

LaLiga Glass Champions Europe League Supercopa Total
17 victories 1 victory - 2 victories - 20 victories
5 ties - 1 tie 3 ties - 9 ties
4 defeats 1 defeat 1 defeat 1 defeat 1 defeat 8 defeats


Second season of Xavi in the Barça: 2022/2023

In spite of falling to the Europe League and to be deleted on of clear form, the good image of the new Barça of Xavi in the straight final of LaLiga past gave spare reasons for ilusionarse with the team in 2022. The barcelonistas began 'puncturing' the course against the Ray (1-1), but quickly took the form and chained a series of seven victories ligueras followed, only broken by the Real Madrid in the Classical (3-1). In spite of this, the Barcelona did not crease and of the following 13 meetings won 12 and only empató one. His 2ª defeat of the course arrived in Almería already in February of 2023 (1-0), but did not affect him at all, followed winning the majority of duels to base of 'hit' arrive and a solid defence that grieve conceded goals, and finish proclaiming champion on 14 May after winning to the Espanyol (2-4).

The blaugrana were the absolute dominadores of the tournament suspender belt the past season, take him to the Madrid 10 points of advantage in the final classification. In the Supercopa of Spain, after giving a good image in front of the Madrid in the final of the 2021, already with Xavi, the ones of the City Condal planted the seed of what at the end would be the title of League, winning the trophy in Arabia in front of the whites by a clear 1-3 in a partidazo that even could win by more.

In Europe, unfortunately, Xavi went back to not being to the height, the same that the rest of his players. The culés, this yes, did not have luck in Champions with the injuries, losing the two key meetings in front of the Inter in phase of groups Ronald Araújo and Jules Koundé, mainstays of the saga backwards. Besides, in the gone in front of the interistas the referee 'tangó' a clear penalti by hand of Dumphries to the Barcelona in a crash that would finish losing (1-0). After this defeat, the back tie in the turn against the Italians and the hard defeat in front of the Bayern home (0-3), the Barcelona had to expect a miracle in the last day that did not arrive, so they went back to fall to the Europe League by second year followed.

The elimination in Champions hurt a lot, even more that in the previous season, but at least expected that the team this time yes gave the face in the second continental competition and achieved to win the title. Alas, to the Barça was missing him again 'fang' and competitiveness in the playoffs and fell at first against a Manchester United that empató in the Camp Nou and won in Old Trafford. That 'KO', joined to the of the Champions, deslució a bit the grandísima campaign of the Barcelona and of Xavi in LaLiga.

The statistics of Xavi in his 2ª campaign in the Barça

LaLiga Glass Champions Europe League Supercopa Total
28 victories 4 victories 2 victories - 2 victories 36 victories
4 ties - 1 tie 1 tie - 6 ties
6 defeats 1 defeat 3 defeats 1 defeat - 11 defeats


Third season of Xavi in the Barça: 2023/2024

Definitely this has been the most difficult campaign of Xavi Hernández from his arrival like trainer to the FC Barcelona. In spite of the doublet of the 22/23, the bad image in Europe and the debatable game of the team caused some 'run run' to the start of this course. The Barça based his title suspender belt in the defence more than in the attack, being the team with more 1-0 of all the competition, by what this season his mission had to be keep his solidity backwards and step forward in what to game with balloon and in attack refers .

However, this campaign the Barça no only has not taken a step forward in offensive phase, but it has given several step backwards in defence and in his game in general. The course went back to begin with a tie against the Getafe (0-0), but seemed that the reaction, the same that in the 22/23, went to be immediate, when winning the following five crashes. But this only was a mirage, since from this series the Barcelona only attained to win in 5 of the 11 following duels, between 26 September and on 16 December, empatando 4 and losing the others two. These abysmal months finished condemning to the team in LaLiga, since the Madrid began to take some advantage and no longer the soltó.

The FC Barcelona has had moments for recortarle points to the madridistas and can litigate by the championship, but have not taken advantage of any. After losing home estrepitosamente against the Villarreal (3-5), the ones of Xavi woke up and kept invictos in League until 21 April, winning 8 parties and empatando 2. It was the moment of the truth, since it arrived the Classical against the Madrid, with the possibility to put to alone 5 points with 6 parties still for playing. The Barça tried it, but between the referee, the VAR and the merengues, the night did not give and the madridistas sentenced the title and the season of the Catalans.

Being far in LaLiga, the Champions League became the big dream of all the barcelonismo, since it seemed the nearest option to be able to win a trophy, and which trophy. The Barcelona attained to go through first time with Xavi in the bench to the eighth of final of the League of Champions, and after leaving by the way to the Naples (1-1 and 3-1), arrived the chambers against Paris Saint-Germain that seemed a powerful rival, but at the same time accessible. All the culés thrilled after the big paper of the team in the gone, winning 2-3 and encarrilando the eliminatory. However, in the turn Ronald Araújo 'autoexpulsó' in the first part and the Barça, that then won 1-0, did not know to hold the result and finish losing by a conclusive 1-4, commanding to the fret all the illusions of the fans.

The statistics of Xavi in his 3ª campaign in the Barça

LaLiga Glass of Rey Champions Supercopa Total
25 victories 2 victories 6 victories 1 victory 34 victories
7 ties - 1 tie - 8 ties
5 defeats 1 defeat 3 defeats 1 defeat 10 defeats


Comparison and total statistics of Xavi in the Barça

2021/2022 2022/2023 2023/2024
20 victories 36 victories 34 victories
9 ties 6 ties 8 ties
8 defeats 11 defeats 10 defeats


As it is evident, the best season of the almost three that has happened Xavi in the FC Barcelona is the second, the 22/23, in which it attained 67,9% of total victories, an upper percentage to the of this campaign (62,9%) and obviously to the of his first course (54%), that to statistical level is the worst of the three. In general, as it has mentioned before, his average of triumphs has been of 63,3%, that is not swim well in comparison to his predecessors. Although his second year was well, the data and the feelings of the team, that in three years grieve has evolved in the futbolístico, confirm that the egarense has not succeeded in his stage in the City Condal and that this change of course in the bench confirmed could be the best for the entity.

Xavi went , afterwards wanted to remain and at the end, sacked

On 27 January, Xavi surprised to all the planet football announcing his exit of the FC Barcelona to final of season. Since it began to speak a lot of what went to happen with the one of Terrassa, since from the club all commanded messages that they wanted to convince him to follow. Joan Laporta seemed convinced to be able to to do change of opinion to the technician, that finally yielded and accepted to fulfil his agreement. On 25 April it confirmed the continuity of the míster Catalan and so much he like the president recognised to be ilusionados and convinced to be able to do a big year the course that comes.

Many did not understand the change of posture of the excentrocampista culé and neither comprised that the Barça accessed to that it followed, since deportivamente have not fulfilled the marked aims for the present season. Without winning at all and with a rather mediocre game, confirmed that Xavi went to be followed and seemed to close the debate, at least until the course that comes. However, finally Laporta reflexionó on this decision, began to pose sack to the trainer of Terrassa and finally has finished it doing, confirming his exit this past 24 May. The legend culé will not follow and everything aims that Hansi Flick will relieve him in the charge, with expects that better luck, more titles and better data. Only the time will say if the club hits with this change in the bench.

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