The Catalan midfield player affirms that messi, neymar and luis suárez form the best leading of the history

Xavi: "The MSN is the best leading of the history"

Xavi: "The MSN is the best leading of the history"

Published:18/01/2016 - 22:29h


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The Catalan speaks in an interview on the FC current Barcelona and stands out that it is, to day of today, the best team of the world. Something where has a lot that see his trainer Luis Enrique and the attacker trio formed by Messi, Suárez and Neymar, for which has big praises

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The one who went myth of the barcelonismo and that this summer decided to go to live to Qatar to follow playing to football and form like trainer Xavier Hernández, conceded an interview from Doha to the newspaper "Sport" in which it reviewed all the actuality of the group blaugrana. Besides, Xavi destapa like total idol of Luis Enrique, of the that says that it has evolved the game of the team, and also of his three excompañeros Leo Messi, Luis Suárez and Neymar Júnior, the best of the history for him.

"Have the best forward of the world, think that is the best leading of the history", affirms Xavi when being asked after the FC current Barcelona, to the that sees like the best team of the world to this month of January, above Bayern, Madrid or any another gallito European. " Right now, from here, I see to the Bayern, to the Madrid, to all in Europe. Today, in January, the Barcelona is the best team of the world. It is a team to enjoy in the distance", confirms.

To the hour to speak of his ex trainer puts serious and stands out all the qualities that have carried him to capitanear from the footpath to the FC Barcelona of the Five Glasses. "Luis Enrique, from the past year works the physical subject very well. It has evolved it. The is very demanding, achieve same and with the other. It is serious, very professional. The Barcelona has besides able players to play now to two things", comments the Catalan, to leave clear that the Barça "is an equipazo". Besides, incide in the offensive variants of the team.

"When have the balloon, with the possession; but now also if you throw you backwards and it goes to the contragolpe is an option that handles to perfection. Neymar, Luis Suárez and Messi are a past. We do not need so much preparation, they three by himself alone are able to create actions of attack", continues the one of Terrassa, that neither wants to forget of other "jugones": "And afterwards what there is by behind: Busquets, Hammered, Alba, Rakitic, Alves.... An equipazo".

The one who went captain of the best FC Barcelona of the history also speaks of the incorporation to the team of Burn Turan and Aleix Lifel, for which also has good words. "The two have talent. It has pillado fast the method. They are not two pipiolos. They are people contrasted that comes of good teams. Six months without playing is long, but have gone in with determination", stands out.

Finally, and asked after the new trainer ofl Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane, Hernández also leaves clear that likes him a lot like technician. "Of course. With Zidane spoke recently in Paris in an event of Adidas. And we speak of football. I know him and sure that it will go him well. It has been a big of this sport and the Madrid always will be in the fight by the title", concludes.

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