Cristiano Ronaldo, during a party with the Juventus


Cristiano Ronaldo: "Barcelona is not for me. I felt that I do not like them"

Published:4/05/2019 - 01:14h

Updated:4/05/2019 - 02:01h

Cristiano Ronaldo lived big years of rivalry with the FC Barcelona when it was player of the Real Madrid. Now, it plays in the Juventus of Turín, team in which it has not taken in adapting winning a Scudetto in his first year in the Series To

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Cristiano Ronaldo was during nine seasons in the Real Madrid, team in which had big successes and in a competition in which it forged a big rivalry with the FC Barcelona and, more specifically, with Leo Messi. The past summer, decided to change of airs and fichar by the Juventus of Turín, with which already has won the Scudetto.

Recently, it conceded an interview to 'ICON' in which it spoke of some interesting appearances about his person. The Portuguese understood the fact of us be very received in Barcelona by the rivalry with the Real Madrid. "Barcelona is not for me, no. I was here one or twice and felt that here it does not like them a lot of Christian. But it is normal by the rivalry. It does not happen at all", it commented.

Cristiano Ronaldo, how no, took out to relucir his personal successes, although it ensured that there is a big effort behind all these triumphs. "You have to be humble, learn that you do not know it everything. If you are smart, attract cositas that do you improve like athlete. In the Juve adapted me perfectly. They saw that I am not a vendehumo. It is Christian and is what is because it takes care . A thing is to speak and another, do. Why I won five balloons of gold and five Champions?", it aimed.

"I know that the people is with a shotgun expecting that Cris fail a penalti, or that fracase in a crucial party"

The Portuguese also regretted that the people put in doubt every year his level by the fact to do elder. "The people always is judging: 'it Is finish already. Has 33, 34 or 35 years, already would have to it leave'. And you want to surprise to the people: here it follows the bug", said, adding that "I do not go you to deny that sometimes me fastidia and tires because it seems that all the years have to test that you are very good".

The luso also claimed that in spite of having money and success, the people have feelings and can have a bad time it. "They see me like a person that never can have a problem, never can be sad, never can have worries. The people identifies the not having problems, the success, with the money. How it can be sad or have a bajón Christian if has millions?", it manifested.

Finally, also it ensured to understand that the people criticise him every time that commits an error or does not give what expects of him. "You have to understand that the people does not think like you, has not lived some moments, does not have a greater culture of what allows them . But I understand it. I know that the people is with a shotgun expecting that Cris fail a penalti, or that fracase in a crucial party. But it is part of the life and have to be ready. I carry prepared from does already a lot of years", concluded.

Cristiano Ronaldo wants to make history in the Juventus

Cristiano Ronaldo arrived to the Juventus of Turín does hardly some months and already has achieved to go out victorious of the Series To, winning his first Scudetto. Nevertheless, it remained him nailed the spine of the Champions League, that already has won once with the Manchester United and four with the Real Madrid, but that in the present campaign was deleted by the Ajax.

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