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FCBN interviews to Jordi Farré: "Neymar? His father has spoken us to come back home"

Published:11/01/2021 - 14:45h

Updated:11/01/2021 - 16:58h

One of the precandidates to the elections of the FC Barcelona, Jordi Farré, attended in the last hours to 'FCBN', analysed the actuality culé and spoke about his plans of future for the Barcelona club

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Jordi Farré walked very busy, during the previous hours to the delivery of signatures of this Monday 11 January, when it attended to the call of 'FCBN' to deepen even more in the keys of his project, analyse the current situation of the club and speak, also, on some proper names that are used to to hoard the attention of the barcelonismo in the last times. The pandemia, as it is logical, conditions it everything.

  • Question: The coronavirus is surrounding it everything of uncertainty, Jordi. To day of today, think that the elections will be able to celebrate with normality on 24 January, as it was foreseen?

Answer: As has bad paints. And if they cancel the elections, repeat of zero. For all the world would be a big problem...

  • P: We will see, we are slopes of what finish saying Generalitat and Salut.

R: Yes yes, but has bad paints...

  • P: In spite of have not happened the cut of precandidatos, have given a lot of pizzas and tattoos to which have supported you?

R: As a few, yes... (Laughs).

  • P: And what said you the partners during the process of the vote of censorship, when being you one of the big impulsores of this collected of signatures?

R: No, big impulsores no. The impulsor.

  • P: The main impulsor, then...

R: No no, the main impulsor no. The only! There were people that brought signatures of groups. They had groups of support... But impulsores, in the photo and to the hour to pay, did not come anybody. It is that with the subject this already am a bit hot... No by you eh, but is that with the subject am a bit got angry.

  • P: What felt when Bartomeu finally did the cases?

R: It was happy, but neither celebrate at all, because at the end there was not at all that celebrate. It was a good day for the Barça, but when it does a thing of these is because they were doing it very bad and was not a reason of joy. We were happy because that it was positive for the Barça, but at all more.

  • P: How you think that it has gone him to the Barça with the Managing Commission that has come after Bartomeu?

R: As fatal... I think that would have to have summoned elections immediately. And it did not do , I do not know why. And it delayed the collected of signatures to the Christmass, when they knew that we went to be worse in the pandemia. I do not know why they did not summon the elections the first day.

  • P: You think that there was some unseen interest?

R: Sincerely, I do not know it, because I do not know what can have done to improve the situation of the club. I do not understand it...

  • P: Some candidatures, as the one of Laporta, opted by not speaking of concrete names in matter of signings. Others, as the one of Rousaud, are exploding this facet with Haaland, Mbappé... Yours precandidatura valued concrete signings for the future?

R: I think that these elections have to be to speak of the project, of the people that go it to manage, and of the team. But speak of names, when anybody knows at all, right now does not suit.

  • P: However, in any of your last interviews went out the name of Neymar. When it has been the last time that have spoken with his surroundings? You are still thinking that it is possible to joint it with Messi in the Barça the next season?

R: It went out the name of Neymar because I do not know who filtered it, and the truth is that yes that were speaking with his surroundings, with his father, but as we speak with tantísima people... And afterwards they asked me if it liked me or it did not like me, and I said that when they happened the signatures and presented to the sportive director, that asked it to him to him, that is the one who has to value it (laughs).

  • P: You think that it would be feasible to economic level?

R: I think that there would be problem to economic level, because in the last year of a player can ask to the FIFA the 'transfer request'.

  • P: I thought rather regarding wage, in case his hypothetical arrival could finish of dinamitar the scale salarial of the staff.

R: It looks, you know what says you the father of Neymar? That his son already has won a lot of money and that what wants to is to have a good time. Likewise it was. It said me: "In this put us of agreement in half hour".

  • P: In fact, it is not any secret that he has wanted to go back to the Camp Nou...

R: Claro... And the father, when it speaks of his son, says 'go back home'. The people goes back home where is well. In fact, have a lot of doubts of if it was not a traspaso, know? The clause the PSG would have to have it deposited in LaLiga, no to the Barça in a cheque. A cheque in the Barça is a traspaso. And LaLiga... You do not agree you that it did not want to take the cheque? As here you have it.

  • P: Well, now I ask it to you to the reverse. You think that Messi can go to the PSG with Neymar? How you would convince him that it follow?

R: I think that does not do lacking to convince him a lot... What has to go back is the joy to the entity. And already it has more than of leftovers with this to take the decision.

  • P: It seems that in the last parties sees him happier...

R: The Saturday hit a partidazo. I the truth that think that Leo is happy with Koeman. And by what says the people and this... I think that the only that it wants to is that there is a good staff for next year. But it is that listen me a thing, analyse the staff of the Barça and have a just team of effective, but there is not bad staff. There is not bad team.

  • P: The best attack of LaLiga is the one of the Barça. This is a fact.

R: Of course. I think that there are players very young... Fault perhaps a side, a central and a leading centre, and with this and the quarry go sobrados.

  • P: The central has to be Eric García?

R: Man, to me likes me a lot.

  • P: A lot of talent has gone and afterwards has not been able to go back...

R: It is that it is of crazy, because to Eric García offered him €400.000 the Manchester City. The Barça offered him €300.000, or was that by €100.000 to the year did not renew. And afterwards they say you that the parents are peseteros, but they logically want the best for his children, as they want to all the parents of the world. Besides they offered him the commitment to play with the first team, the commitment to play the English Glass... With which, the Barça did not offer this commitment to Xavi Simons, to Eric... Later it begins to fichar to players that does not know them anybody, by 4, 5 or 6 millions, and besides pay them €400.000 to the year that is what did not want to pay by the canteranos. I no explain it to me, the truth.

Jordi Farré, uno de los precandidatos a las elecciones del Barça
Jordi Farré, one of the precandidatos to the elections of the Barça
  • P: Any of these young signings has gone out well, like Pedri or Araújo, but there is a lot of that have not debuted with the first team...

R: It looks, 47 that have not debuted. A cost of 149 million euros.

  • P: A constant dripping... You think that here they could have personal interests? Or directly it is bad sportive planning?

R: I want to think that no. I expect that no, already I say you.

  • P: Before, speaking of Messi, have mentioned to Koeman. You had bet by his continuity to be president?

R: For the time being yes, beyond all doubt. I do not think that can go in in the club with an excavator. Koeman Is not the cause of the evils of the Barça. And besides it is brave with the young boys.

  • P: Except with Riqui Puig... What think of his situation in the Barça? You think that Koeman is being just with him, or has his reasons?

R: To me it is a player that likes me a lot of. But, on the other hand, I see that with all the trainers happens something. To me when it plays it likes me a lot, but I do not know why the trainers do not finish it to put.

  • P: It left to glimpse Koeman in press conference that was a question of intensity in the trainings.

R: It is that I do not know it. This if you are not inside...

  • P: What big element diferenciador had Jordi Farré in comparison to the big favourites, Laporta and Font?

R: It looks, we are those that are new for real, people between 40-50 years... All employers, that besides have mounted us the companies we same, has gone us well and do not come of the big families neither of the 'lobbies' of the 'establishment'. No, at all of this.

  • P: And which economic strategy would have carried out to solve to short, half and long term the economic situation of the Barcelona?

R: I think that the economic problem of the Barça is in the short term. To half and long, do not see the problem. It has to refinanciar all the debt of short, happen it to long, begin the Espai Barça of immediate form in format of granting, that happen us a 'fee' of 100 'kilos' and... Well, it is to change the model of Goldman Sachs by a credit of granting. And this is viable, because in fact already there are two companies that have showed interest in putting money like this. With a profitability of the 4 or 5% that take them out the granting, the big business groups go back crazy. The Barça is one of the big marks of the world, do not forget it.

  • P: Going back to The Masia, in several interviews have ensured that it was one of the big pillars of your candidature. How pensábais improve his importance inside the first team? How you went to avoid the escape of young talents?

R: The Masia was the central axis. We would have done that the sportive director was the manager of the first team until the alevines, and afterwards of course that had to people underneath that it structured it. But the sportive director has to be the big manager, and is the one who has to know all the quarry since they are alevines or childish, and that when it was necessary to manufacture to a side bet by a side. The Barça has worked when The Masia has worked, and it is necessary to invest in her. It can not have more cases of Eric García, Xavi Simons...

  • P: There are a lot of names in this sack... As Dani Elm, of the Leipzig.

R: Dani Elm is not in the Barça by 80.000 euros. And instead, index card to players that I doubt that have level to play in the Barça. And they pay traspasos and pays of everything... To play in the Barça have to have you formed, is very difficult to integrate to players.

  • P: Of which are in staff, regarding planning, think that would have to go somebody important to generate income next summer? Traspasarías To Griezmann or Coutinho to the term of the present season?

R: I for the time being, to fix the sportive subject, would not sell to big active. I am of the mythical sentence of "the money in the field and no in the bank". The Barça is not a club seller, although we have to begin to know sell. Because all the players that manufacture can not play in the Barça, but yes can be sold, and in this the Real Madrid takes us out a terrible advantage.

  • P: It seems that practically each player that goes out of the Madrid leaves in the Bernabéu 20 or 30 'kilos'.

R: And afterwards the Barça leaves to go almost free to Grimaldo, Muniesa, Cucurella... I think that Cucurella would owe to be in the Barça himself or yes.

  • P: Cucurella Of left side? Because It Is speaking that Juan Miranda can go back to be the relief of Jordi Alba, if Junior goes .

R: Well, it is that Miranda think that is a piece of player. And instead, here no they gave him the opportunities.

  • P: We go out now of the sportive terrain. What think of the VAR and his utilisation in LaLiga? You think that in occasions uses of form premeditada to favour or prejudice to concrete teams?

R: The VAR think that is a wonderful tool, but badly applied, where there is not a clear regulation. Each one applies it as it wants to. Instead of referees in the VAR, I would put to uncles that anybody knew who are, that had a technical criterion and no mediático. I think that it is very bad mounted, and looks that it is a tool potentísima.

  • P: Sometimes it notices the difference when the Barça plays a party in League or in Champions...

R: Well, it is that the last parties of the past League and the first of this season, have been a scandal. At the end the hands are hands, and that those famous hands of Sergio Bouquets did not go penalti, went a scandal. And that afterwards pitara the penalti of Lenglet in the Classical... This are subjective criteria and that always go for the same side. It surprises me...

  • P: When you see the results of some surveys that plant to Laporta and Font like big favourites, what think? You create you the results, or think that are conditioned to influence in the partner?

R: The surveys? The day 24, in the esplanade of the Camp Nou will see (laughs). To do a survey for real, estadísticamente, would have to do it like minimum with 1.500 partners. With 200 I think that is not a sufficiently representative sample to obtain a real result. It looks, if it is that the best survey are the urns. The surveys only serve to advance the illusion or the disappointment.

  • P: And sometimes perhaps they can use to influence in the vote of the partners...

R: It thinks that to the people does not like him lose. And I think so can influence the surveys.

  • P: Already to finish, wanted to ask after you the impact mediático of the famous banner of Laporta in front of the Bernabéu. If it wins the elections, think that partly will have been thanks to the economic potential of his candidature?

R: I think that the action was brilliant regarding tool of marketing. Now, with a lot of money is much easier to do this campaign. It is a bit what wanted to do with the pizzas and the tattoos, have repercussion mediática, of impact.

  • P: Toni Freixa gave sacks of rice.

R: Sacks of rice for beneficiencia, for charity. To me give charity does not like me. Caridad or cooperation have to do it without publicitarla. I do enough in my company, and have not done any advertising action with her.

  • P: As with this close the persiana, Jordi. Delighted that you have attended us.

R: It has been a pleasure. Thanks to you. Ciao!

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