Javi grace, convinced to be able to add some point against the barça

Gracia: "Neymar and Suárez have marked more goals that all the Málaga"

Gracia: "Neymar and Suárez have marked more goals that all the Málaga"

Published:19/01/2016 - 18:49h


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The trainer of the Málaga, Javi Gracia, has made some statements in press conference in which it has valued the party of this Saturday against the FC Barcelona, being conscious that it will not be at all easy but with the will to try add some point against the culés

Ticket - Gone in Málaga vs FC Barcelona - League J21
The Classical - Gone in / Ticket FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid
Ticket - Gone in for all the parties of the FC Barcelona

In press conference carried out this Friday with reason of the party of the Saturday against the FC Barcelona, Javi Gracia has remembered that it will be very complicated can take out some point in The Rosaleda against the culés, but in spite of this trusts said possibility and ensures that his players will jump to the terrain of game to give it everything. "It has been a good week of training and preparation of party with the challenge that supposes to confront to a rival like the Barcelona. We have done well the things and to see if we develop it on the terrain of game. We are animated, convinced and valuing the possibilities to achieve a good result".

The technician of the Málaga has done upsetting besides in the big potential goleador of the FC Barcelona, with the Three Tenors up. "Players like Neymar or Luis Suárez have marked, each one separately, more goals that all our team. Here they are all these data to see the difficulty that has confront to a team like this. We are concentrated in the ours. We are not so unaware as to think that it is easy because already we achieved it before. Each party is different. We see his results and golean. Only they have lost two parties. It says a lot of how it is this team". The Málaga will play with illusion against the Barça.

"When we do a team always say that they form it the fans and eleven more. That would be the alignment to face this type of parties. This environment that generates does that the players give the best of himself same. I do not know any team that do not respect to another before, during and after the trainings. Have our pride and illusion and will put it in the time of game to achieve the best result".

"It is good signal that shows confidence and illusion and that have this hope that we can achieve a good result. It commented it with the players this week, the positive factor to do good parties with this team and as we have achieved to compete dignamente. It has cost us a lot and we have to be still in this line of work and factor fortune. That the things give well. With independence of the result, that remain us with the feeling that we compete well".

Javi Gracia trusts to surprise to the Barça. "The capacity of surprise is in the genialidad of his players. It is a team that knows clearly to what plays and the difficulty is can surprise him. Against them always we have done similar parties and expected us of them something alike. We work in looking for something different that can surprise them".

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