Messi shows who is the true "king magician" of the world-wide football

Messi showed to the Espanyol who is the true Rey Magician (4-1)

Messi showed to the Espanyol who is the true Rey Magician (4-1)

Published:6/01/2016 - 23:14h


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Exhibition of magic, show and goals of a FC Barcelona that, under the control of Messi, executed to the Espanyol giving him his deserved with a goleada of Kings Magicians. Burn Turan and Aleix Vidal debuted in a marked party by the aggressions of the players of the Espanyol

FC Barcelona 4-1 Espanyol - Video summary and goals of the party
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With the big news of the debut in the eleven headline of Burn Turan, the FC Barcelona began the party against the Espanyol with the will to give to the fans a goleada worthy of the day of Kings. Martínez Munuera did to sound the whistle, the balloon threw to film and both teams prolonged the fight on the terrain of game that left in tables the past weekend. In comparison to the party of Cornellà, the ones of Constantin Galca went out to the Camp Nou much more replegados in defence and with the aim to cause danger going out to the counterattack, but without exerting the pressure of balloon advanced that hampered the meeting to the culés days backwards. With the two teams tanteándose during the first minutes on the lawn, went the Barça the one who made the first approximations to the contrary area.

The ones of Luis Enrique controlled the crash from the minute one, having the greater part of the possession of the balloon and with Leo Messi doing estragos in the right band of Víctor Álvarez. Burn Turan and Andrés Iniesta showed incisive to the hour to arrive from second line, equalising the strengths in the area espanyolista and causing the first corners of the party in favour of the Barcelona, very bounced by Neymar Jr but badly cabeceados by Busquets and company. The Espanyol seemed to want to lose something of time in each played, so much in the faults as in the kickoffs of door, conscious that when the Barça greased could live an authentic nightmare.

The Barça goes out in a torrent and the Espanyol defends

And the first shot of Neymar Jr arrived in the minute 7 of party, with a magic combination between Leo Messi and the Brazilian that finished with a kick point-blank of the second, very repelled by Pau López that baled out spaces going out quickly of his goal. The dynamics of the party did not do to think, for nothing, that the first goal of the meeting would be for the Espanyol. Dani Alves Lost an unforgivable balloon in the centre of the field and Marco Asensio, with a perfect counterattack, yielded an assistance measured to Caicedo so that the ecuadorian annotated the first so much, surprising to Ter Stegen in the hand manually with a shot raso and planted to his right.

The Barça enrabietó even more after the goal fit, and went even more direct to the goal of Pau López. Another good combination between Messi and Neymar finished with a new occasion very detained by the goalkeeper perico, again point-blank, showing the archer his good intuition in the exits. Only it needed the FC Barcelona two minutes more to open his particular account in the party. Luis Suárez centred and a defender of the Espanyol diverted the spherical with the hand, without that the referee pitara penalti. In the played back, however, Leo Messi was the more pillo to the hour to collect the balloon, plant in front of Pau López and define to perfection with a shot crossed and powerful.

Messi executes to the Espanyol in the Camp Nou

The party, passed the first chamber of hour, could not be more beautiful. The Espanyol defended with nails and teeth and used the weapon of the counterattack, while the Barça controlled the possession and, in spite of not having too much fluidity between lines, generated danger because of the quality of Iniesta, Burn, Suárez, Messi and Neymar in the zone of three chambers of field. The Brazilian, in fact, had in the 22' an important opportunity to advance to the Barça in the marker, but crossed too much the shot raso after an assistance magistral of Andrés Iniesta. Two minutes afterwards, the same Neymar was object of demolish in the interior of the area, but the referee decided no pitar the clear penalti of Javi López.

First big injustice of the party for the FC Barcelona, that however did not protest too much and devoted to be followed playing. The minutes were happening and, in spite of that the Barça followed putting siege to the goal of the Espanyol, the pericos accommodated in defence in front of the previsibilidad in the combinations of the culés, with players like Neymar Jr finishing increasingly desquiciados. The 1-1 was not neither much less a good result for the Barça, but the fact to play more with the heart that with the head, joined to the good defensive placing of the pericos, hampered the work to the forwards culés. It would be a work of art of Leo Messi, in a spectacular shot of far fault, what would finish desequilibrando the scales in favour of the Barça before the rest. Golazo Of the Argentinian to sign a "doublet" in the first 45 minutes of party.

The FC Barcelona sentences to an Espanyol broken

The FC Barcelona went out like an authentic exhalation in the second half, with Burn Turan offering his first destellos of quality leaving of several rivals and Leo Messi in stellar plan, with his wide repertoire of dribblings and passes. Andrés Iniesta, that did not want to remain backwards in the recital, yielded in the minute 49 a measured pass in depth for Jordi Alba that the carrilero Catalan took advantage of to put to the area, with Gerard Hammered annotating the third goal of the party and decanting already clearly the eliminatory of eighth of final of Glass of the King in favour of the Barça. The Espanyol, forced to open more the lines, signed his sentence in front of a Barcelona that did not stop to besiege the goal of Pau López. The culés dominated to pleasure, and Luis Suárez and Neymar Jr had more win that never to wet in a Camp Nou that devoted to sing "olés".

Precisely the goalkeeper of the Espanyol starred the ugliest action of the party, stepping the ankle of Messi of deliberate form with the mere aim to assault him. Pau López bumped with Messi and, when raising and thinking that anybody would darse, assaulted to the Argentinian star of the FC Barcelona, that in spite of that revolved and protested to the referee, did not achieve that Martínez Munuera expelled to the guardameta. It seems unlikely, besides, that the Committee of Competition sanction to the cancerbero espanyolista taking into account that the referee did not see it and, therefore, did not write it in the record. The Barça left to cruising speed and created an alluvium of occasions, being question of time that the goals went falling by his own weight.

The Espanyol, desquiciado, remains with nine

Burn Turan had of a clear opportunity to the chamber of hour of the second half, but Pau López detained well a too centred shot after a big played of Messi. Shortly after, it was Neymar Jr the one who tested to the archer visitor with a shot of fault planted, but something lacking of power. Aleix Vidal carried the enésima ovation of the Camp Nou going out in the minute 67 by Dani Alves, and the FC Barcelona followed dominating, with the fourth goal of the party increasingly near and an Espanyol shattered, only empeñado in that the bloodletting was not definite for the eliminatory. The public sang "to second, to second", and was not for less. The Espanyol did not play to the football. It devoted to stop with patadas and aggressions the incursions of Neymar, Messi and Luis Suárez.

The referee Martínez Munuera did well his work to the hour to expel first to Hernán Pérez by a codazo on Neymar Jr and afterwards to Diop, that abused knowingly to Luis Suárez on the lawn right in front of the referee, in one of the silly actions of the party. The enormous superiority of the FC Barcelona would remain fraguada to fault of three minutes for the end of the meeting, with a magistral assistance of Leo Messi that served so that Neymar Jr voleara at the end of the goal of Pau López, that finally went of the Camp Nou with a car of goals to his backs.

Technical index card of the party: FC Barcelona 4-1 Espanyol

FC Barcelona, 4: Ter Stegen; Alves (Aleix Vidal, 67'), Hammered, Mascherano, Alba; Sergio Busquets, Burn Turan (Rakitic, 67'), Iniesta; Leo Messi, Luis Suárez and Neymar.
Espanyol, 1: Pau López; Javi López, Raillo, Enzo Roco, Víctor Álvarez; Diop, Abraham (Burgui, 60'); Hernán Pérez, Asensio (Save Seville, 45'), Gerard Moreno and Caicedo (Jordán, 40').

Goals of the party: Caicedo, 8'; Messi, 12'; Messi, 43'; I Hammered, 49'; Neymar Jr, 87'.
Referee: Martínez Munuera.
Incidences: corresponding Party to the gone of eighth of final of the Glass of the King 2015-16, contested in the Camp Nou without remarkable incidences.

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