Suárez and Neymar went back to save to the FC Barcelona (1-2)

Suárez and Neymar went back to save to the FC Barcelona (1-2)

Published:21/02/2016 - 11:14h


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The FC Barcelona achieved to win, no without problems, to an UD The Palms that gave the face in front of his fans and put the very difficult things in the Stadium of Big Canarian. A goal of Luis Suárez and another of Neymar Jr, after a good played of the Uruguayan, served to win the three points

The Palms 1-2 Barcelona- Video summary and goals of the party
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The FC Barcelona dressed of blue electrical in The Palms this Saturday with the clear aim to add three new points in the classification that served for, like minimum, keep the advantage of six points of distance regarding the Athletic of Madrid in the fight by the leadership of the League BBVA. The first minutes of the meeting against the Canarian group, however, showed that the ones of Quique Setién would sell expensive his heads. The venues tightened up, presionaban the exit of balloon of the Barcelona head offices and approached in several occasions to the goal of Claudio Bravo during the first five minutes of party, causing some that another corner and also starring the two first shots of the party, that rebounded against the defence culé.

The Barcelona had not gone out of the all concentrated in the Stadium of Big Canarian and cost him impose his rhythm and mark the personality blaugrana in the party, but what has this Barça in comparison with the one of previous years is that, without need to dominate, is able to be lethal. And it is that, in the minute 6 of party and in a counterattack very very braided of the Barça, Andrés Iniesta surpassed with a big dribbling to his pair to advance to the frontal of the area, unfold the balloon to the left band of Jordi Alba and allow that the Barcelona side, with a precise pass of the death to the penalty spot, assisted to Luis Suárez so that this premièred the marker with a big definition, elevating the balloon to the square with the goalkeeper Javi Varas already in the flat. The FC Barcelona had advanced in the marker without hardly effort, taking advantage of an unfit defensive of the The Palms and planting to Luis Suárez already with 24 goals this season in League BBVA.

The The Palms takes advantage of the errors of the Barça

However, the joy would not last too much to the ones of Luis Enrique. In the minute 10 of party, after a played initiated by Tana, a taconazo excelso of The Zhar left only in front of Bravo to Willian José, the one who did not fail to the hour to surpass to the Chilean with a shot that coló underneath of the legs of the guardameta of the Barça. In the taconazo previous to the goal, Jordi Alba did not follow to the rest of his mates in defence and enabled to José, that of the contrary would have remained offside. After the goal of the tie, the UD The Palms came up and followed tightening in the exit of balloon, although the Barcelona was connecting little by little to go out with ease of the pressure and install in the last third of the terrain of game, shutting to the venues. In any case, some losses of Barcelona balloon caused dangerous counterattacks of the The Palms, as one that finalised with a shot of Momo from out of the area that left slightly diverted above the goal of Bravo. The Barça generated danger when had the balloon, but suffered without him and did not have the absolute control of the possession, noticing incredibly the absence of Sergio Busquets.

The Barça did not have balance in the game, and paid it with approaches of the venues that desataban the onomatopoeias of the public. The midfield players did not finish to connect with the trident formed by Neymar, Messi and Luis Suárez, always very marked by one or two defenders. It was not neither the afternoon of Jordi Alba, that lost more than a committed balloon and showed that it does not arrive in the best possible form of face to the party of gone of Champions against the Arsenal of the next Tuesday, taking into account that the weekend happened already committed a penalti innocent against the Celtic of Vigo in the Camp Nou. Fortunately for the culés, the The Palms did not find too much depth between lines during the second part of the first-half.

Luis Suárez, Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The fortune, nevertheless, was missing him also to Luis Suárez in the frontal of the small area of Javi Varas when, after a centre milimétrico of Leo Messi, finished of head was when it had it everything in favour to plant the second goal of the Barça in the marker. The Uruguayan regretted during thirty seconds closing the eyes and embracing to the right stick of the goal of Varas, conscious that it had lost a big opportunity, but decided to continue leaving the skin on the lawn. The Barça, without practising a brilliant game, continued approaching to the goal of the UD The Palms, errando however in the last pass and something lacking of tarpaulin in the definition.

With 1-1 in the marker, the party was agrounded traspasada the half hour of game and in spite of the big party of Sergi Roberto, that was everywhere supporting to his mates. The team culé sustentaba thanks to the good work of Roberto and the intensity of Luis Suárez, but to collective level the blaugrana cuajaron a first too irregular part, without giving sample of the technical superiority that characterises them and paying possibly the tiredness accumulated of the last meetings of the month of February, in spite of the rotations of Luis Enrique. A miracle of Luis Suárez in the right band, however, went back to connect to the Barça. The Uruguayan made a played of funambulista in the right extreme, desbordando to his mark and centring a pass of the death for Messi, whose finish was repelled by Varas. The opportunism of Neymar, that collected the refuse to send it at the end of the goal, allowed to the Barça go to the rest by in front in the electronic.

The Barça connects and desconecta like a plug

The second half began with a change, the one of Ivan Rakitic by Burn Turan, had to surely to the yellow of the Turkish and to the fact that Luis Enrique looked for more balance in the centre of the field to control better the possession of balloon and, in brief, the party. And the formula began to surtir effect few minutes after it initiated the second time, with a good played from the right band that finished with a pass of the death for Luis Suárez that, incomprensiblemente, went back to errar a very clear occasion right in front of the goal, again with everything in favour. And it is that the charrúa was being the big protagonist of the meeting, so much by his goal and magic played for the second of the Barça as by the two failures to the hour to define point-blank.

The FC Barcelona was much more organised on the lawn that in the first act, had more the control of the party and had of approaches and clear occasions, but did not achieve to transmit this superiority in the marker and annotate the goal of the sentence. With the step of the minutes and surpassed the minute 55, however, the The Palms resurrected collectively and, during some minutes, contested the possession of the spherical to the FC Barcelona, generating danger for the goal of Claudio Bravo thanks to the good technical and offensive capacity of Tana, Saw, Momo and Willian José, very active and mobiles in attack, hampering the work to Mascherano, Mathieu, Alba and Alves.

The Barça plays with fire in the Canarians

In the minute 70, Luis Enrique decided to give rest to Sergi Roberto a priori with annoyances, being relieved of the terrain of game by Vermaelen. The Asturian technician, to fault of few days for the party against the Arsenal, did not want to risk with the physical state of the canterano and commanded it to the showers, leaving Mascherano to the position of defensive pivote. The exit of Sergi Roberto caused that the game was even more irregular, full of balloons divided and a possession of ball very contested. The party was 1-2 for the Barça and at all was sentenced to fault of twenty minutes for the end. Sergio Araújo, that had gone in to fault of a chamber of hour for the end, effected a shot from out of the area that left slightly diverted above put it of Claudio Bravo. The Barça expected to the UD The Palms behind, and this could be dangerous.

To fault of ten minutes for the end, the The Palms came increasingly up and the FC Barcelona showed his more defensive version, with the will to take advantage of some counterattack that served to finish to sentence the meeting. In the minute 83, the Barça followed playing with fire. Sergio Araújo, again with a shot raso from out of the area, went back to upset the goal of Bravo although the shot, fortunately for the Barça, left diverted brushing the left stick. The UD The Palms had of more dangerous approaches, and to the Barça saved him the luck and a big intervention of Vermaelen. At the end, the team culé achieved to carry the three points of Big Canarian and keep a distance of six points of advantage at the head of the classification of League BBVA 2015-16.

Technical index card of the party: The Palms 1-2 FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona, 2: Bravo; Alves, Mascherano, Mathieu, Jordi Alba; Sergi Roberto (Vermaelen, 70'), Iniesta, Burn Turan (Ivan Rakitic, 45'); Neymar, Messi and Luis Suárez.
UD The Palms, 1: Javi Varas; David García (Nili, 85'), Aythami, Bigas, Garrido; Roque, Momo, Saw (Lemos, 65'), Tana; The Zhar (Araújo, 75') and Willian José.

Goals of the party: Luis Suárez, 6'; Willian José, 10'; Neymar, 38'.
Referee: Of the Big Hill.
Incidences: corresponding Party to the twentieth fifth day of the League BBVA 2015-16, contested in the Stadium of Big Canarian without remarkable incidences.

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