The group madridista could have incurred in a crime of concealment of proofs when burning the index card of a footballer of his quarry

The Real Madrid burned the index card of a canterano by the FIFA!

The Real Madrid burned the index card of a canterano by the FIFA!

Published:19/01/2016 - 12:42h


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The parents of a boy of the Real Madrid investigated by the FIFA affirm that the club has arrived them to communicate that they have burned his index card by fear to the sanctions. ?The club denies to Manuel, seems that they want to hide it", stand out his progenitors

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It seems that the Real Madrid is incurring in bad arts to treat to hide his shames regarding the signings of minors and like this can resort in front of the FIFA and the TAS the sanction that will prevent him fichar during the two next windows of signings. This is the conclusion that can take out after hearing the words of the parents of a boy of The Factory to the that has arrived to deny that it have had index card with the white club.

?Never we sign any official document?, it began saying Ramón Godoy, father of Manuel, in an interview conceded to the program "To the against" of "Radius 4G". Godoy Stood out that ?Florentino embraced with him after marking three goals in a tournament, shortly after having contested and livestock another in Rimini. We lived in Madrid from does several months when Manuel was selected by the Madrid, that transacted him the index card?, it confirmed.

Everything seemed to go like the roses until it arrived the problem of the FIFA does some months. ?A day said him that it could not train. They said us that the FIFA was investigating. They presented a resource to the TAS but when seeming, out of term. After that gather us with the Madrid, that said us that they would go back to try present another resource?, it communicated the father of Manuel, to the that from the entity madridista began to give him long until the point to do as that never had played with the Madrid.

?The Real Madrid denies to Manuel, as if they wanted to him hider. They have not gone back to put in contact with us. It is more, they have even said us that the club burned his index card. They have treated it as if it had had an illness. We are had to work beside the club so that Manuel can play. For the moment it follows training in the Academy of Coira and the selection of Venezuela calls him. But the weekends can not play and therefore, is not well, does not understand what is happening?, it concluded the angered father of a boy to the that his own club ignores by fear to the reprisals of the maximum entity inside the world of the football.

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