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Cristiano: "I do not am obsessed with the Balloon of Gold"

Cristiano: "I do not am obsessed with the Balloon of Gold"

Published:9/12/2015 - 16:24h


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The Portuguese star of the Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo, was interviewed of wide way in the mixed zone of Santiago Bernabéu just after marking four goals to the modest Malmö in UEFA Champions League. The luso ensured that it does not think in the Balloon of Gold 2015

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In words pronounced in just mixed zone after the Real Madrid goleada by 8-0 to the Malmö Swedish, Cristiano Ronaldo ensured that it is not concerned by what can happen in the Balloon of Gold, where for the first time in eight years could remain in third position taking into account the performances of Neymar Jr the past course and the a lot of that has progressed in the FC Barcelona during the current season 2015-16. "I do not am obsessed with this, am happy by my season, after the problems that have had to principle of season".

"Now I have more confidence and the team is helping me a lot", affirmed. In another order, showed satisfied by the been bulky goleada to the Malmö in Champions. "I am very happy, went a very good party of the team, has been very well. All the players, no only the ones of in front. We knew that it was a party that was to our scope, with pressure up would mark. To personal level, very happy for doing a record more".

And it saw normal the complaints of the fans madridista during the last parties, given the estrafalaria situation that lives the Real Madrid in League -third- and in Glass of Rey -deleted-. "It is normal, a club like the Real Madrid is a club that will be criticised when the things do not go well. But we improve, five consecutive victories, good series, are well like this".

Surprisingly, Cristiano Ronaldo defended also to Rafa Benítez of the whistles of the fans. "I have not darse# cuenta, it went a surprise. I do not know what has happened. I do not see which is the problem, the people self-evident of the way that wants, but the míster is doing a good work, is adapting still to the Real Madrid. It is necessary to give him time, in my opinion is doing the things well. My relation with him is good, as with all the players".

The luso soltó also some perla egocentric, like the following: "I do not look for the records, the records look for me to me". It showed happy with the "hat-trick" of Benzema. "I am very happy by him, has marked goals and this goes him to help". And it explained why it gave him an embrace to Cheryshev. "It was an initiative of Arbeloa, seems me a normal reaction of team. It was not planned".

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