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An ex player of the Bayern undoes in praises to Guardiola

Published:6/05/2021 - 19:13h

Updated:6/05/2021 - 20:57h

In a recent article, Phillip Lahm has described in detail the role of Laporta in the Bayern of Munich, as well as the challenges that today faces with the City and his work with Messi in the Barça

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Pep Guardiola has characterised for being a trainer that leaves his footprint to where want to that it go. After his go through the bench of the FC Barcelona, the one of Santpedor had a sabbatical year before signing by the Bayern of Munich, where was before giving his jump to the Manchester City.

One of his pieces in the Bavarian group was Phillip Lahm, the one who recently has written an article for El País, in which it makes an analysis of the trainer in his go through German earths. Under the title "All want to Guardiola", the ancient international germano elogia the figure of the today finalist of Champions.

One of the most important sentences that has left in his memory has been "In the important parties, simply choose to the 11 better that have". To trial of Lahm, like purist of the football, is in her where resides the key of the football, that for him is the individual quality.

Guardiola, compared with a chess player

The German has stood out the quality of Pep in the bench: "Some trainers aspire to reduce the complexity of the football. Guardiola, instead, wants to dominate this complexity. Could compare his work with the one of a grandmaster of chess or the one of a director of orquestra that takes out the best of each instrumentalista".

Likewise, it has stood out his passion by the football: "A big trainer knows immediately which things can do each one and who will be his central player. Afterwards it communicates to each player which are his strong and feeble points, and also the ones of the other. It adjusts the task and the function of each one, each day. This does Guardiola with a passion that have not known in anybody".

Also it has compared it with Johan Cruyff and admits that his educations were important for one of the best cycles of the FC Barcelona: "After the point álgido that reached in Spain, sees that Guardiola is adapting . The Barça was a team of very good osiers, in which practically all touched very varied instruments. When they won the Champions in 2009 and 2011, suffocated to the rival. This style was possible because all the club follows the idea of total football of Johan Cruyff, Guardiola sees to himself same in this tradition".

However, it ensures that in some parties had to shelve the 'tiquitaca': "If they left him, it would put to 11 Iniestas. In other places had to sacrifice a bit his idealism. In Munich left that the specialists Ribéry and Robben acted by the flanks, and the two sides escoraban to the centre when the team had the possession of the balloon".

His work with Messi and the City

Regarding his experience directing to the Argentinian star, Lahm has indicated that Guardiola knew to take out the best of him: "Incluso is able to invent a position for an exceptional player like Messi, that turned into one of the wonders of the world under his control, with a reinterpretación of the place of leading centre".

Regarding the challenges that faces with the City at present, sustains that his style is distinct to the that had in the Barça: "The City plays now with a warier style, entrusting to athletic defences that impose in the air. The team sometimes delivers the ball, repliega, defends in his area, takes a break and wait to arm the counterattack".

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