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Arda Turan is sentenced to almost three years in jail for firing a gun

Published:11/09/2019 - 16:01h

Updated:11/09/2019 - 16:04h

The FC Barcelona player, Arda Turan, was sentenced Wednesday to 20 months in jail for firing a gun in a hospital. The Turk is on loan at Basaksehir and ends contract with Barça in 2020

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The case of Burn Turan is as to study it thoroughly. The Turkish became in the Athletic of Madrid one of the best mediapuntas of Europe. The Cholo Simeone did of him a very complete player to technical and tactical level. The FC Barcelona saw the opportunity of ficharle and launched to by him without doubting it. The culés paid by him some 35 million euros in 2015.

But it was to arrive to Barcelona and lose entirely. The Turkish never arrived to adapt to the Barcelona team and year to year was losing value until it had to go out yielded to the Istanbul Basaksehir. In his earth has not gone him much better and, as it informs the agency EFE, even have condemned him to almost three years of prison by an incident out of the terrains of game.

The mediapunta shot a gun inside a hospital to cause panic and was accused of this, of illegal possession of arms and to cause injuries voluntarily during an episode in a discotheque. The information aims that the ex of the Athletic of Madrid will be able to avoid the prison.

The court suspended the conviction to Burn to 20 months of prison and the footballer only will go in in the prison if it commits another crime in the next five years. Therefore, the Turkish is now under supervision and if it goes back to do something illegal will finish in a cell. The Fiscalía asked 12 years of prison for him, but finally did not arrive to so much.

Regarding the beginning of all these charges, it is necessary to say that the player litigated with the Turkish singer Berkay Sahinen to finals of the 2018. The offensive midfield player topó with the woman of the singer, this reproached it to him and Burn answered him with a hit that broke him the nose. Sahinen Attended to the hospital and there was when the footballer took out the gun and shot. His club sanctioned him economically with 400.000 euros of fine.

Burn desvinculará of the Barça in June

The Turkish, luckily for the FC Barcelona, finishes agreement in 2020. The group barcelonista understood this summer that did not go to be able to take out a euro by his sale and decided to keep it in the Istanbul Basaksehir as yielded. When it finish the campaign, Burn will leave to be player culé and will be free to choose his future.

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