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Barça would be one of the 15 founders of the European Super League

Published:28/01/2021 - 16:04h

Updated:28/01/2021 - 18:40h

This Thursday the 15 teams that would create the European Super League were known in the event that the tournament takes place. Barça would be among them with Real Madrid, Liverpool and PSG

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This Thursday, half as 'The Repubblica' or 'Him Parisien' have published new details on the Superliga European that several teams of Europe wish to create. In this case, this new information mentioned the 15 European clubs that would exert of founders of this competition. Between them, as it expected , they would be the FC Barcelona or the Real Madrid.

To madridistas and culés would accompany them Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Athletic of Madrid, Juventus of Turín, Inter of Milan, Milan, Bayern of Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain. In total, would be 14 groups that would be those that would play each season this tournament that would aspire to surpass to the Leagues and to the Champions League.

Having this in account, all the big of each League would be in the Superliga. The six better of the Premier League, the called 'Big Six'; the three more important of LaLiga; the two big of the Bundesliga, the three historical of the Series To and of course the PSG like only representative of Tie it 1. Although the Parisians do not have so much history like his others rival, his current importance does that it was between the elected.

It is necessary to stand out, besides, that there would be some 4 trillion euros to deliver between all these clubs. The first 6 qualifiers in the liguilla previous would carry 350 millions, a very upper quantity to which wins for example in the League of Champions. To put in situation these numbers, in total the UEFA delivers 3,25 trillions for the Champions, the Europe League and the Supercopa of Spain, by what the difference is remarkable.

The aim would be presionar to the UEFA

Also it fits to say that there would be 5 teams invited each campaign, by what each course there would be new groups that would contest this tournament beside the 15 founders. It seems to be that the aim of all the clubs that are moving this project would not be another that presionar to the UEFA so that it increase the income and of this form win more money when contesting the competition.

The FIFA opuso tajantemente to the cración of the Superliga, by what the 15 teams know that it goes to be very complicated can carry it out. But if they can not play this tournament, what will try is that the UEFA seats presionada and devote more money to have happy to all the participants, especially to the biggest. It will be necessary to see how finish all this and which details follow arising on the competition.

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