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Cañizares answers to Guardiola after his complaint by not to invite him to the group of Whatsapp

Published:8/01/2021 - 09:15h

Updated:8/01/2021 - 09:15h

"I am not administrator", "I don't have his number" and "he doesn't have WhatsApp", are some of the explanations given by Cañizares with regard to the controversy with Guardiola

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The ex guardameta Spanish, Santi Cañizares, explained in front of the press the armed controversy as a result of the absence of the strategist of the City, Pep Guardiola, in a group of WhatsApp in which they appear all the players of the "team of the Olympic games of the 92" where this would not be present, since this complained of this in a recent documentary.

"The first, that the group of WhatsApp does not have at all that see with the political subject. To me it called me the attention that was not he. And I excused him because it is not for these chorradas because it is trainer of the City. I can not him invite to the group because I am not administrator, do not have his mobile and he same says that it does not have WhatsApp", explained Cañizares in the microphones of 'The Partidazo of the Cope', as a result of the said by Guardiola in the documentary "Touch it again, Pep".

It admitted to feel offended by the political ideas expressed by Guardiola, this afterwards that it described to Spain like a "state opresor". "In the 92, and go to the political, in Barcelona carried flags of Spain and could speak of political ideas and he already exposed his ideas and I mine. But now, the politicians have carried us to a society radicalizada. Our society has hammered in the hook and he same hammered when it spoke of Spain as 'Been opresor' and therefore, to me like Spanish and to Alfonso, offends us. This is what him recriminamos, at all more".

Cañizares Said that it does not leave to call him the attention that, at present, the mister of the City say to have him affection to Spain while it says to love to Catalonia afterwards of what said in the past. "And now it likes me that it say that it loves to Catalonia, there is not any problem, but now says that has affection to Spain. This is distinct".

It ensured that nowadays many of the players already are tired of the groups of WhatsApp, to the time in that it ensures to gather with Guardiola. "Now if me together with Pep safe that speak with him as in 1992. Of this group have gone out a lot of tired players of the groups, as Luis Enrique, Abelardo, Alfonso, Kiko... They remain quite a lot, but no all: Solozábal, Giner, Lasa, Soler, Vidal, Ferrer... That anybody interpret that the group of WhatsApp is a type of friction or political connotation".

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In the referred metraje, Guardiola gave a statement as a result of the said by Cañizares, just when it did quotation to the group of WhatsApp where no he was added. "We are all less one: Guardiola. Probably because it is the most famous type right now and understand that it is not for chorradas", expressed Cañizares in his moment during an interview with "Misterchip".

To what Guardiola declared: "Although the big Alfonso and Cañizares, mates of that period, now are very critical because I played with the selection. I happened it to me very well and treated to give the best", to what declared: "we form an incredible group that know that it gathers by WhatsApp, but I have not had never. Cañizares, I'm sorry, but have not invited me you, is not that I do not want to be, have me knowledgeable now".

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