Leopoldo Luque, answering in front of the media


The doctor of Maradona defends and explains the details on his death

Published:1/12/2020 - 11:13h

Updated:1/12/2020 - 11:13h

Leopoldo Luque, last doctor of Maradona, was accused of guilty homicide and later burst into tears and went out to defend himself

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They follow advancing the investigations on the death of Diego Armando Maradona and the first that appears in looks it is Leopoldo Luque, the neurocirujano that made him the operation in the head, the last doctor of Maradona.

They imputed it by homicide culposo, him allanaron his house and his private clinic. However, Luque decided to abandon the silence that had chosen from the demise of the '10' and burst revealing the details of his death between tears.

His relation with Maradona: "they carried the clinical history that have of Diego with the registers of attentions and professionals that participated. With my woman and my family open the doors and gave them all the information that needed. What asked, had it".

The day of his death: "When Diego died, arrived to the place and was the fiscalía working. At all times I was to disposal of the Justice and go to be followed being it. I know what did and how did it with and by Diego until the last moment. I did the best that could ".

It could not do more: "Here there was not a medical error, Diego had a haphazard event; a cardiac attack that, in a patient like him, is the most common of the world that die like this. It is something that could happen. I do not know of who is the responsibility of what happened. I did not handle everything. Of the only that I am responsible was to have him extended the life and improve him the quality of life the more than could".

His refusal to the rehabilitation: "Diego was in conditions of high by the reason of his internación, but had to be still in a centre of rehabilitation and did not have will. What attained was that it accepted to have a nurse".

It did not accept accompanying: "How it goes him to nail an internación domiciliary to a type that does not accept not even a therapeutic companion?".

The fault of win of the '10': "The patient has to have will. Diego, when it puts badly, throws to all the world. What does with this? If he wanted to throw me, could do it. As had a different relation, did of more, no of less".

Exasperated by his internación: "Almost I have to me hold on to pineapples with Diego to confine it. At all it could do without the will of Diego. I carried it and afterwards extended the internación all what could. And no it could it to him carry to a neuropsiquiátrico because there was not clinical criterion to do this".

The deal with the medical personnel: "Diego hated to the doctors and to the psychologists. With me it was different because I was genuine with him. It was my fellow. It needed help, but there was not form to go in him. All the time he could decide. It threw me of his house and called me. That was ours relation, of a father and a rebellious son. I to Diego loved it. It was not his fanatical. It was a different patient. It was a dad for me".

The relation with his family: "I Was with the daughters until the moment of the burial. I spoke with Gianinna yesterday, asked him how was and said me that it was very sad. I speak a lot with Jana and with Diego Jr. With the sisters... With all those that spoke from before. I do not have any problem with the daughters of Diego. We cry together in the burial and appreciated me".

The attitude of Maradona: "The familiar did all what could. He resisted . We did everything. He lived sad. It was very solitary. At all it gladdened it. Extrañaba A lot to the dads. He wanted to be only. I think that Diego abandoned the fight".

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