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The FIFA works in a VAR simpler, fast... And also fairer?

Published:18/11/2020 - 02:20h

Updated:18/11/2020 - 02:20h

The team of work of the FIFA studies the possibility to implement in the majority of the leagues and international championships a VAR much more affordable and simplistic

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In the actuality the utility of the VAR is being seriously questioned by a lot of clubs and nations, since they affirm to be prejudiced by the decisions that finish taking with the use of this tool. However, for the FIFA the support in the technologies is an appearance that will follow promoting in world-wide football, and for this is working in a VAR much more affordable and simplistic, so much in the most competitive leagues as for the competitions with a level of game less showy.

Said proposal was manifested in a meeting, celebrated in the past 27 October; the same that because of the pandemia was made of virtual way, through a videoconference, in which the main point was the creation of a VAR "simplified", with the aim that his implementation was near at hand of the economic budgets of the greater number of competitions and national leagues.

Besides, in said meeting the group of work of the FIFA identified the possible costs that would have the installation of these technologies and the necessary requests for his utilisation. Likewise, some conferences like the Asian Conference of Football (CAF), the French Federation of Football (FFF) and the Union of European Federations of Football (UEFA) showed the results obtained of the proofs "without connection" that were made with the help of a VAR more affordable.

Finalised this meeting, has manifested that the following step that will take , in the second phase, will be to elaborate a leaf of route that afterwards can be presented, and in her will have to answer all the interrogantes on how follow advancing to obtain a VAR much more profitable.

Technologies for the offside

On the other hand, another appearance that was argued in the meeting is the initiative to create a semi-automatic technology that allow to detect the position advanced of a much more fast and exact way, to avoid that the parties follow losing the dynamism and with the purpose that it was the most effective possible. Besides, to approve this tool, already exist three companies that would be interested in the creation of said technology.

Finally, the group of work manifested that they have studied the ways to help to the referee's body in went them of games very doubtful and for this expects that in the second phase the technological providers present possible solutions for this problematic.

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