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Florentino Pérez gave his face after the failure of the Superliga

Published:22/04/2021 - 08:20h

Updated:22/04/2021 - 12:01h

Florentino Pérez decided to go out and show his face this Wednesday night on the radio after his Super League project has been ruined. The president of Madrid explained how these days have gone, what has happened or what he thinks about what happened

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"I am a bit sad and disappointed. We carry working three years in this project, that consists in saying what can do to struggle with the economic situation that there is in the football. This format does not work and occurred us do a format in which, without boasting, played the most important teams of Europe. We did numbers and saw that it can take out much more money". Of this form began his intervention in 'The Crossbar' Florentino Pérez, that gave the face after the failure that has supposed his project of the Superliga European.

The president of the Real Madrid reported threats and maltreatment by part of the UEFA and of LaLiga, referring to Aleksander Ceferin and to Javier Thebes. "Never I have seen a so big aggressiveness by part of the president of the UEFA and of some presidents, as the one of LaLiga Spanish. A thing orquestada that has surprised us to all. We ask to the president of the UEFA speak and neither has answered us. From here it begins an aggressiveness that have not seen in my life. Threats, insults... After a lot work and think in doing something that of satisfaction to all do not understand this aggressiveness", affirmed.

Also it informed how it was the escape of the English clubs and how affected this to the Superliga, and besides confirmed that legally anybody has gone of the project still. "There was somebody in the English group that did not have a lot interest. This began to infect to the others, that are people of an age and have fear because they did not understand what was happening. All sign an agreement vinculante, but between all the avalanche of the Premier said that for the moment they went it to leave. This yes, for the moment anybody has gone ", indicated.

To the thread of the course of the teams, Florentino insisted in that the agreements that signed are vinculantes and left to fall that they could force to which leave it to pay a quantity in compensation. "We sign them at the same time and they are vinculantes. Why I go him to deceive. It is equal that say him do not know what. How they do not go to be vinculantes? Legal actions? No. But in the agreement can not go out one like this... They are agreements vinculantes of serious people, employers the majority that know this world", stood out.

Besides, also it wanted to leave clear that the Superliga does not have fracasado and that keeps on being a project that is studying . In this sense, ensured that the FC Barcelona is thinking what do and that in spite of what has said , Milan and Juventus of Turín follow inside. "The project is in 'stand by'. The society follows existing, but go you the half tired of what have heard in 24 hours. The Juve and the Milan have not gone . These things say them these gentlemen (by the UEFA). We are all together and the Barcelona also is reflexionando as we can do so that the 20 include the four first of Spain, Italy... The fundamental is that the parties have the attention of all the world", insisted.

Florentino, hard against the UEFA and LaLiga

The maximum mandator merengue loaded directly against the UEFA and LaLiga by how have acted these days. "They began to do a campaign manipulated that we went to finish with the leagues, that did not prevail the merits, that finish with the football. There are people that has privileges and does not want to them lose still by the expense of that ruin all the clubs. They have treated us as if quisieramos kill to the football, when what want to is to save it. They knew that we went it to do and those that have privileges were expecting us", repeated.

On the other hand, it wanted to leave clear that in spite of the occurred has not felt abandoned and that the Superliga is more urgent of what a lot of believe . "I have not felt me only. I have not stopped to work. We are seeing of which way are able of, since have the work done, obtain money. With JP Morgan already gave to recover the losses, as to see that we do. It would be a sin not consolidating this format. The UEFA works for the 2024, that no where will be. It is necessary to do it now, the situation is grave", said, referring to the pandemia.

Finally, to finish explained why in this tournament would participate these clubs and repeated, although without giving reasons of weight, why thinks that is lie the that it was an enclosed league. "There is not an enclosed competition. They are those that by merits have won it to him in the last 15 or 20 years. They are those that have social networks and more interested all over the world, that need them. If his team plays, will see it was where was", concluded.

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