Manuel Neuer, after the elimination suffered against the Kiel


The Kiel, 'David', surpassed to a Bayern that every time is less Goliath

Published:15/01/2021 - 13:52h

Updated:15/01/2021 - 13:52h

What seems an easy match for the Bayern Munich finished being a nightmare: the Bavarian were sacked of the Pokal to hands of the modest Holstein Kiel

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In a night for the forget, the Bayern Munich fell in the dieciseisavos of final of the German Glass in batch of penal in front of the modest Holstein Kiel of the second division of the Bundesliga, team that attained a feat that will be framed evermore by the German football.

By dint of harp and good football, the north group of Germany planted face to all a Bayern that could not win in the statutory time, and that did not break with the equality in the extention of the commitment. Although the victory of the Kiel was deserved, Marc Rock will carry in his shoulders the weight of the defeat after having been the only that failed from the twelve steps, and allowed like this the elimination of the Bayern, that was not dismissed in said instance of the contest copero from the 2000.

They passed the minutes in the Holstein-Stadion and occurred what all expected. The ones of Hansi-Flick did with the command of the round and did not take in breaking with the zero in the marker, thanks to the so much of Serge Gnabry in the minute 14 that split in illicit position, but that was not cancelled by the absence of the VAR in the competition copera German. To the dessert, suffered of the lacks that come dragging during all the season. The spaces enabled by the defence were taken advantage of, and Bartels commissioned to convert this advantage in the so much of the equality to the 37'.

Without time at least to raise and shake, Manuel Neuer saw again how his fortress fell again, but this time the referee's body hit and cancelled the target of Lee by offside. The champion of the Bundesliga went through the worst moment of the party, but one of his stars appeared and answered to the criticisms in his against nailing a free direct to the square of the Kiel for aventajar again to a Bayern that followed suffering to the end. And in the agony of the commitment, a head butt of Wahl commanded the round at the end of the network defended by Neuer to command the crash to the extention.

The shame and the honour found in the field

The third qualifier of the Bundesliga 2 was called to an appointment with the history, and did not fail. The heart and the harp promoted to the pupilos of Ole Werner during the course of the 120 minutes. Bartels Had the chance in his feet, but could not stick the balloon. By his part, Davies tried to break with the padecimiento of the Bayern with a zurdazo, but Gelios repelled the danger. The guardameta Greek also diverted a finish of Marc Rock, that jumped to the field to substitute to Gnabry. There was not way, the Kiel resisted the charged of the Bavarian group and carried the crash to the definition by penal. All hit, except Marc Rock. Between the shame and the honour, Kiel fell surrendered to the ecstasy of the triumph.

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