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Like this it is the classification for the boot of gold... Without applicants of LaLiga!

Published:27/10/2020 - 12:46h

Updated:27/10/2020 - 13:57h

To few days of the start of the domestic competitions, the table clasifición of maxima goleadores begins to take form, without presence of forwards of LaLiga

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With the return of the football to our lives, also goes back the dispute for conquering the best individual prizes, like the boot of gold. This prestigious award is delivered, by the European Sports Magazines, to the maximum realizador to European level. This year, as it is not of extrañar, begins with players of lower leagues in the high of the table.

Although we have normalised to see unknown names in these lists, what is not so normal is that only there is a representative of the five big leagues in the 'top10' of the classification. It treats of a player of the Bundesliga, specifically of the Bayern of Munich: Robert Lewandowski. The Polish forward situates second, with ten targets and twenty points.

Lewandowski, a machine to mark goals

Of surprising form, or no, taking into account as it has begun the season, LaLiga Santander does not incorporate any player in this important listing. It results unusual by the no apparition of Lionel Messi, the player that more times has carried the trophy. In fact, his mate Ansu Fati, classifies above the Argentinian with an income of four goals and eight points.

The names of the big goleadores European go appearing underneath of the thirtieth place. Kylian Mbappé, maximum scorer of Tie it1, the past season, finds in the place 36, with six goals and 12 points, to the equal that Mohamed Salah, in the 39. Erling Haaland And Harry Kane find relegados in the positions 78 and 79, with five so many and ten points.

How it works the Boot of Gold?

To understand the classification, first is necessary to know how marks to obtain this prize. The award rewards to the maximum goleador European, to domestic level; therefore, it does not accumulate the goals annotated in Champions League or other competitions. Taking into account the income of goals, cada competition has a multiplicador of weighting based in his position in the ranking UEFA.

Of this form, the five big leagues (LaLiga Santander, Tie1, Bundesliga, Premier League and Series To) multiply by two. In a second place, leagues of prestige, but that do not go in in the 'top5', like the Eredivise, the League US or the Superliga of Turkey, have a multiplicador of 1,5. Finally, the lower leagues do not have any factor of multiplication.

Like this it remains the table for the Boot of Gold

  1. Rauno Sappinen (FC Flora): 22 goals and 22 points.
  2. Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich): 10 goals and 20 points.
  3. Totte (Norrköping): 13 goals and 19,5 points.
  4. Jesper Karlsson (Elfsborg And AZ Alkmaar): 13 goals and 19,5 points.
  5. Amahl Pellegrino (Kristiansund BK): 19 goals and 19 points.
  6. Steven Lennon (FH Hafnarfjordur): 17 goals and 17 points.
  7. Maksim Skavysh (BEAT Borisov): 17 goals and 17 points.
  8. Isaac Kiese Thelin (Malmö): 11 goals and 16,5 points.
  9. Stefano Vecchia (Sirius): 11 goals and 16,5 points.
  10. Nahir Besara (Orebro): 15 goals and 15 points.

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