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The precedent of the Belgian league with Brujas that would crown Barça in LaLiga

Published:3/04/2020 - 00:59h

Updated:3/04/2020 - 00:59h

The Belgian league decided to cancel the rest of the season for health reasons and ended the course as it was before the break. Bruges will therefore win the championship in an unprecedented act in football

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The Jupiter Pro League, also known like Belgian league, has announced this Thursday a decision that could cause an avalanche in the European football. The Belgian have decided to give by finalised the season as it is, using the classification of just before the stop. In other words the competition has cancelled and, to fault of another meeting to ratify it all, the Witches goes to top champion.

As it signals , this will be official once ratify in the general assembly that is programmed for 15 April. Nevertheless, everything seems to indicate that there will be any change, since this decision has taken of unanimous form by all the Managerial Board of this Jupiter Pro League. The own league explained this in a writing in which they ensured that this measure has taken by not being able to guarantee the health of all until before 30 June.

"The Managerial Board took note of the recommendations of the Dr. Go Ranst and the government that it is very little likely that the games with the public contest before 30 June. Unanimously it has decided that it is not possible to continue and accepts the current state of the classification of the Jupiter ProLeague ", explained in a communiqué the Belgian league. It is necessary to signal also that the option to play to enclosed door as in other leagues also descartó by problems of health.

It is the first championship that decides to take a decision to give by finish the current campaign. In the rest of competitions are waiting for that the situation improve and can restart all the leagues. The economic crisis that is generating the stop by fault of the COVID-19 is a fact and the teams need that the tournaments return and can finish to be able to survive with some guarantees.

It is necessary to say that the Witches, that will finish topping, took him out 15 points to the Gent, that will finish second. This gives him something of justice to the decision, although it also fits to add that the format of the Belgian championship are 30 split suspender belts and a playoff of gone and turn between the six first qualifiers to determine to the champion. This season, nevertheless, the things will change of way forced by the illness.

The Barça would be champion in the case that this happen in LaLiga

This precedent could benefit to the FC Barcelona to do in Spain, since the Barcelona go in head of the classification right now. Luis Rubiales and Javier Thebes have said in multiple occasions that do not contemplate another thing that was not that LaLiga finish, but suits to take into account the of Belgium just in case. All the championships want to contest the crashes what remains, although it have to play in summer, but everything goes to depend on how evolve the pandemia. In the worst of the cases, if in LaLiga decided to give by finalised the course 'copying' to the Belgian, the Barça would see benefited and would carry the trophy.

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