Onana, suspended by a year by doping


Unfortunate: Anti-doping fires Onana for a year

Published:5/02/2021 - 19:28h

Updated:5/02/2021 - 20:15h

Andre Onana gave positive by Furosemida in a control made the past 30 October, by what will have to fulfil twelve months of sanction imposed by the UEFA

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Andre Onana was sanctioned by UEFA with twelve months of suspension by doping. The guardameta of the Ajax gave positive by Furosemida in a control made on 30 October, by what is forced to fulfil with a year of sanction, as it informed it the own Dutch club.

"The morning of 30 October, Onana felt badly. It wanted to take a tablet to relieve the unrest. However, without knowing it, took Lasimac, a medicine that previously had him recetado to his wife. The confusion of Onana did that it took by error the medicine of his wife, what finally caused that the UEFA took this measure against the goalkeeper. Besides, the disciplinary organ of the association of football has manifested that Onana did not have intention to do cheat. However, the European Association of Football believes, on the base of the applicable anti-doping rules, that an athlete has the have to at all times to ensure that any substance forbidden ingrese to the body", exposed the Ajax by means of a communiqué.

In spite of the no intention of the guardameta, the disciplinary organism of the UEFA has sanctioned it by the prolonged time of twelve months, what supposes a hard hit for Onana and for the Ajax, as it stood out of big way under the three sticks of the Dutch group.

"A human error: a simple aspirin"

Afterwards to know the sanction, Andre Onana pronounced in this regard with a communiqué in defence of his innocence: "All has been fruit of a human error when confusing a medicine that contained a substance forbidden by the WADA, with a simple aspirin. Said medicine was recetado to my girlfriend and, by mistake, confused it with a medicine for the cold because the wrappings were almost identical, what regret enormously". Onana Respects the decision of the UEFA, but does not share it: "I consider It excessive and disproportionate when it has remained showed that it was a no intentional error. All the world knows that I carry a very healthy life. I do not have need to resort to the doping to promote my sportive career".

Appeal to the CAS

The Cameroonian footballer and the Ajax will appeal to the radical decision in front of the Court of Sportive Arbitration (CAS). The director manager of the club, Edwin go der Sar, aseveró: "we Refuse explicitly the drugs that improve the performance, obviously defend a clean sport. This is a terrible reverse for Andre, but certainly also for us like club. Andre is a big goalkeeper that has showed his cost for the Ajax during years and is very popular between the fans. We expected a conditional suspension or a much shorter suspension that these twelve months, because it could say that it did not have the intention to strengthen his body and like this improve his performance".

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