Jaume Roures, president of Mediapro, in an interview


Roures: "I expect a 'pre-season' and matches with no public in July and August"

Published:1/04/2020 - 11:31h

Updated:1/04/2020 - 14:10h

The coronavirus crisis is the most talked about topic in the world of football, and this Wednesday, Jaume Roures gave his opinion. The president of Mediapro claimed that he expects a 'preseason' and games without public in July and August

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The world of the football is almost stopped by the crisis of the coronavirus, but hammers in search of solutions that allow him look to forward. The sportive authorities work no rest studying all the possible stages and preparing all the plans of performance for when it reach the end of the confinement, with the aim to go back to set up a show that moves a lot of millions.

The one who has pronounced again on this subject is Jaume Roures, that has made an analysis in 'The Partidazo' of the 'Chain COPE'. The president of Mediapro, that already pleaded days backwards for doing the possible and go back to play when the restrictions allow it, has gone back to underline that the health is the first but also has revealed how could be the resumption of the season that is designing .

The leader has warned that it does not think that the return was immediate, since after so many days of disconnection, it will be necessary to have patience: "I Expect that the football go back in July, and say July because between other things it is necessary to guarantee the health of all. Surely it will go back without public, but before this have to do a pre-season. After so much time home can not go out to play as if it had not happened at all".

"It is indispensable that all the surroundings of the professional teams was well. A thing is that it was important to finish the season and another is that we go to put in risk the health of somebody. And this do not go it to do. There will be pre-season in May, three semanitas if they do not appear problems of by half; and in July and August would play these 11 days", has added, doing reference to the pending calendar in LaLiga.

Besides, also it has mentioned the international programming, that includes, in addition to the domestic Glasses, championships so demanding like the Champions and the Europe League. In spite of that it will be necessary to do an effort, sees it feasible: "they Remain four rounds and average of Champions more the final and the Glass of Rey. It can be a bit tightened, but all these teams are accustomed to play Wednesday-Sunday".

"It is important to finish the season, but do not go to put in risk the health of anybody"

The Catalan has insisted in the option to recover all the pending meetings, but always with responsibility: "I Think that it is not so difficult to play these 11 days in month and half or two. If they do not play it will give the season by enclosed, but do not want to put me in what this involves deportivamente, it will be necessary to see when can begin with guarantees the following. Also it would involve to lose a lot of millions that can not recover".

"If it gave positive a player -for example, the 20 July-, it is necessary to throw the towel and sack of the season. We have to guarantee with all the necessary means that this do not happen when it begin to play. And if this raisin, closes the chiringuito. It will lose a lot of money, but is bad luck because we are losing things more important these days. Afterwards already we would see when it begins the following season", has commented, situating the reorganisation of the campaign 2020-21 in a second flat.

In addition to signalling that it is not moment to accuse to the Government and remember that after the running of the bulls it is necessary to procure that the economy was still working, Roures has repeated even without putting in danger the health "Not playing supposes a hole of 700 millions that costs a lot resolve". "We would drag it during long, therefore it is necessary to try it. The following season? It is everything for resolving", has sentenced.

Roures Positions with Thebes in the conflict LaLiga-RFEF

Roures Has showed especially punzante when it has touched him value the wars to be able to and the television rights, and has positioned clearly in favour of LaLiga and of his president, Javier Thebes, when they have mentioned him the clash of east with the maximum mandator of the Real Spanish Federation of Football (RFEF), Luis Rubiales. His argument is that this last entity does not have the same obligations that the patronal.

"There is a background subject that forget us, the RFEF does not have any economic responsibility. If LaLiga for, to them does not affect him. Not to speak only of Rubiales, when I see to speak to Infantino saying that it is necessary to redefine the football, gives me the laugh by not crying. They live that the clubs leave them gratuitamente to his players. That is the business of the federations and of the 'FIFAS'. It is very easy not having to fichar to anybody and afterwards boast to deliver the money", has explained.

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