The earthquake that would cause in other clubs the exit of Mbappé of the PSG


The "signings bomb" that studies the PSG in case that it go Mbappé

Published:13/04/2021 - 04:00h

Updated:13/04/2021 - 04:00h

It is not a secret win them that has the directive of the PSG of fichar to Messi. However, in case that they do not attain it and that Mbappé go have alternatives on the table

Calendar of FC Barcelona

The next market of signings to open this summer could be of which mark a before and an afterwards in the football of Europe. Until the moments, sounds with strength the possible exit of Erling Haaland of the Borussia Dortmund and any of the main teams of Spain was where land,

At the same time, it seems to take more strength the possibility that the PSG have to say him goodbye of Kylian Mbappé. Two of the most promising figures can move of team. The French finishes agreement in summer of 2022 and still has not renewed the same. For the moment, it denies to take a decision, since it expects to see which will be the result that achieve his team in the Champions League, but if it wants to go out definitively next summer would be the ideal moment so that the French square put up for sale it and do box.

Of agreement to what have advanced from France, the international youngster does not want to rush in the decision that take. For the moment, it is centred in the two competitions with his team. This Tuesday will play the party of turn against the Bayern Munich, whereas in Tie it 1 follow to three points of the leader, the Lille OSC. It has to give the maximum if it wants these two titles.


It is not a secret that the combined French has to Leo Messi in looks it. The Rosarino finishes agreement this summer and still has not renewed. Although for the moment, it is possible that, if it renew with the Barcelona. This yes, has not had information on if already there have been conversations between "The Flea" and Laporta by what all will depend on how finish the season the Barcelona.

On the other hand, Paris is a destination that likes him to the family of the Argentinian and there reencontraría with Neymar. But lately, the improvements in the performance that have had the culés, added to the return of Laporta, seem to be it convincing to remain . The only way in that it could arrive to the Parc give Princes is if they go out Mbappé or Neymar.

The alternatives

Still if the directive of the PSG convinced to Messi, this operation would be extremely complicated. And more even taking into account the alternatives if it goes out Mbappé that can be more accessible. The first, the one who would be more convinced, is Harry Kane. The forward of the Tottenham could go if his team does not arrive to the Champions.

Another reason by which is more feasible the signing of Kane is because he and Pochettino already know of his days in White Hart Lane. In London have not taken in appearing the rumours that situate it in the market of signings. Both already would be speaking on the possibility that recale in Paris, and even in the Barcelona.

Salah In the diary

To the directive of the PSG the option that more likes is the one of Mohamed Salah, an extreme profile with big disequilibrium and a lot of goal. It is not a nine pure and asemeja to Mbappé. To the directors of the square gala would like them ficharlo and already would have put in contact with his agents. The Egyptian finishes agreement in summer of 2023, but his permanence in the team that directs Klopp can depend also of how finish the current season of the Premier and in the Champions.

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