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FIFA, totally against the European Super League

Published:19/04/2021 - 08:42h

Updated:19/04/2021 - 09:18h

The FIFA has published an official communiqué with which give to know his posture in front of the foundation of the new Superliga European, created by 12 clubs impoerantes

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The foundation of the new Superliga European, by twelve of the most important clubs of the old continent, with the FC Barcelona between them, has desatado the controversy from the first moment. So much the FIFA, organism that governs to the world-wide football, like the UEFA and the different confederations, keep his posture and reaffirm that they are totally against of the creation of the competition.

In an official communiqué of the institution chaired by Gianni Infantino, has highlighted that disapprove completely the foundation of the Superliga and appeals to the dialogue to solve the open crisis in the football, that has intensified with the irruption of the pandemia of the coronavirus, does more than a year. The organism has manifested that it keeps " firm in favour of the solidarity in the football and a model of redistribution equitativa that can contribute to the development of the football like sport, especially to world-wide level, from the development the world-wide football is the main mission of the FIFA".

In this sense, have explained that any competition in the world "has to reflect the basic principles of solidarity, inclusion, integrity and financial redistribution equitativa. Besides, the organs rectors of the football would have to employ all the legal means, sportive and diplomatic to guarantee that this keep on being like this". Like this then , the FIFA disapproves the foundation of a "league separatista enclosed European" that is out of the "structures futbolísticas international and without respecting the above-mentioned principles".

The FIFA bet by the dialogue

The organism rector of the world-wide football considers that the creation of the Superliga is not the solution to delete the problems that exist to day of today in the football, by what urges to the parts involved to begin a dialogue to arrive to a solution in group and avoid, as they already have begun, the disputes.

To finalise the communiqué, have highlighted that "the FIFA always defends the unit in the world-wide football and asks to all the parts involved in debates warmed up that they board a calm dialogue, constructive and balanced for the sake of the game and with a spirit of solidarity and clean game. The FIFA, of course, will do all what was necessary to contribute to a way harmonised to the general interests of the football".

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