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The goodnesses of the Superliga vs the new Champions League

Published:20/04/2021 - 20:09h

Updated:20/04/2021 - 21:05h

The most renowned clubs announced this Sunday the creation of a new parallel competition to the Champions League, and the Monday the UEFA answered with a new format

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The arrival of the new Superliga European has desatado a wave of controversy in the world-wide football. The announcement of the creation of this new competition of clubs by part of the most powerful, found few hours afterwards the conclusive answer of the UEFA and his will to reform the Champions League with a revolutionary format, that invites to the dissidents to reconsider his decision.

Points for of the new Champions

The UEFA has months in the study of the reformación of his maximum competition to level of clubs. The new format sand will execute in the season 2024-25 with 4 teams more, that is to say, will happen to be 32 clubs to 36. The traditional phase of groups will turn into a league with all the teams, where each group will contest a minimum of 10 parties (5 home, 5 was), always against a distinct rival.

The classification to the Champions, as up to now it has come being, will be meritocrática. Any team will have fixed square. All will have to win his ticket by means of the national competitions, keeping the 'fair play' sportive and the axiom of 'that participate the teams that are more in shape and win the best".

  • - Greater possibility of surprises.
  • - Independent organism of control of the 'fair play' financial.
  • - Better money delivered between clubs, favouring to the modest.
  • - Greater quantity of participants, more included leagues, and therefore, more players.
  • - System meritocrático that benefits to the national championships: Only they participate those that have showed a better performance the previous season in his national league.
  • - Caché Historical and of tradition.

Points for of the Superliga

It is not secret that the main arguments of the clubs involved in the creation of the Superliga is the economic, as in this new competition the participants will win an astronomical figure of money. Only for contesting the tournament, the institutions embolsarían 350 million euros, a figure vastamente upper to the obtained for contesting the Champions League.

Another point for of the new Superliga is the show. The fact that the most renowned clubs of the continent confront between yes, will do that the parties have a greater interest and to the dessert will turn into important gains. Besides, each team of the Superliga will have the authority to manage the static advertising of each party, without that them 'impose' a fixed sponsor by the competition.

  • - Greater income for the clubs participants.
  • - Economic stability with topes salariales to the players.
  • - Options of title each season for the 15 'big' and the invited.
  • - Split of first level from the start of the competition (August or September).
  • - The greater stars of the world in action competing.
  • - Renewal of the format as it had known up to now: two liguillas more a final phase with eliminatory.
  • - Direct control by the clubs of the exploitation of the income of the competition without intermediaries neither double interests.
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