Kingsley Eat in a party of the Bayern of Munich


The impressive attainment of Kingsley Eat: 21 years and 7 leagues in his list of winners

Published:10/04/2018 - 10:41h

Updated:10/04/2018 - 20:01h

The big champions are used to to have curriculums plagados of titles, but the one of Kingsley Eat is very peculiar. To his 21 years, the French has added his seventh trophy suspender belt, with a plenary between Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus and Bayern of Munich

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Although it is not guarantee of success, the big footballers are used to to mark important records of precocity, that in occasions help to conform a historical list of winners. To his 21 years, the one who can boast to have a brilliant curriculum is Kingsley Eat, that this season has won the Bundesliga with the Bayern of Munich.

With this already are six the titles of league that accumulates the French extreme, that has been a member of some of the best teams of the continent. The belonging to several dominadores historical has facilitated him the work, but even so, his statistics will not be at all easy to equalise. They are to take into account.

Kingsley Eat does of gold in PSG, Juve and Bayern

With 16 years, the Parisian made history debuting with the PSG, participating in one Tie 1 that cost him his first trophy. They were hardly three minutes of game, but the sufficient so that it explained in his file. A course afterwards rose until the 4 parties, doing like this a particular doublet before doing the cases.

With 18 recently fulfilled years, the attacker considered that it deserved more participation, and fichó by a Juventus in which it played 20 meetings to win his first 'Scudetto'. After this went back to lose weight in the staff, and to half of the campaign left yielded to the Bayern. When having played with both teams, so much Series To as Bundesliga also went to the zurrón.

In the Allianz Sand, Eat has exploded. Pep Guardiola trusted he to his arrival, but also did it Carlo Ancelotti does a year and Juup Heynckes in east. Only an injury has separated him in a year in which it was shining as never, but still like this has not failed to his appointment. So much with the Italian as with the German, did plenary to the league. And they go 7 won of 7 contested.

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