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The new proposal of format for the Superliga European

Published:21/12/2020 - 15:48h

Updated:21/12/2020 - 15:55h

The Superliga of Europe has a new proposal on his possible format, which incluría a liguilla 36 clubs, but would keep his method of access

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The proposal for the forming of a Superliga of Europe follows being present and reforming, to find the formula so that the same was the showiest and effective possible, like competition. As it has informed the Chain BE, the last proposal on said contest already would be on the table and the clubs already would have been informed on the same.

The information recalca that the phase of groups of the Superliga, traditional initial stay of the international tournaments, would become a liguilla conformed by 36 teams, without filters that avoid the crashes between the strong clubs. In this instance of the tournament, each participant would contest a total of 10 parties, four more than which play regularly in tournaments like the Champions League or the Europe League.

However, no all the actions scheduled with regard to this new and hypothetical competition would be about to to be modified. The form to access to the same would keep the same to as it is in the actuality, since they would obtain the contingents according to the classification delos teams in his respective leagues and correcting the quantity of contingents according to the country in question.

Hypothetical form of competition of the Superliga

One of the most striking characteristics of the proposals on the possible new Superliga of Europe is the form in that they would play the meetings. The same would divide to the teams participants in four bass drums and would have to each club to contest a party against the ones of the first bass drum, two against the ones of the second, three in front of the ones of the third and four against the ones of the chamber.

Of equal way, the instances would be to only party, deleting the typical gone and turn and, incidentally, the results would go adding in the liguilla. Once culminated this phase of groups or "phase of bass drums", the first 16 qualifiers of the table would access to the eighth of final and would keep the fight by the title.

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