Neymar Jr. In a warming with the PSG


The PSG would be had to sell to Neymar, according to an exdirectivo of the Barça

Published:12/04/2021 - 19:26h

Updated:12/04/2021 - 19:26h

André Cury, ex observer of the Barça in Brazil sustains that the PSG would be by the work to sell to Neymar Jr. In the next window veraniega, what would open the doors to a Barça that it could benefit economically with the signing of the Brazilian

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The speculations around the exit of Neymar Jr. Of Paris Saint-Germain have gone back to earn life after the difficulties of the Brazilian to renew with the team of Mauritius Pochettino, all time that still there is not a clear decision on the future of Lionel Messi, the one who remains attentive to the offer of Laporta to renew.

In accordance with the ancient representative of the FC Barcelona in Sudamérica, André Cury, in an interview for Sport, the PSG would have the intention to put to the on sale Brazilian at the end of this season: "Any club of the world that has a player that says that it does not go to renew and remains him a year of agreement, has to sell it. No longer there is more link".

In his opinion, it does not have felt to keep the bond with a player that does not want to continue in the club: "Why you go you remain with a footballer that wants to go? Besides, if in 2019 the PSG agreed in traspasarlo, why would not do it now. Then it had three years of agreement, now only one, therefore, the figures are different".

Neymar Could contribute to the financial recovery of the Barça

It sustains that his signing could help to the Barcelona club to face up to his debts: "you Hire to Neymar and divide his value in five seasons and every year have to look for the equis millions to cover his cost. Certainly, you will find the sponsor, and the money in the commercialisation of T-shirts and of entrances".

According to Cury, the income of the club could shoot having to Neymar and Messi together: "With Neymar and Messi, the one who went to pay, for example, 300 millions in naming rights will pay 450. Neymar Still has 5 or 6 years of career very good. Messi sure that it would remain to revive the magic moments that had together. Afterwards, Leo, logically by the age, goes it to leave, remain you with Neymar until you find a tercería road".

Likewise, it has indicated that the club has reported significant losses in matter of marketing after the course of the Brazilian: "Since it was , the sale of T-shirts fell almost 30%, the entrances 20%. Without pandemia and with Neymar, plant 20.000 people more in the stadium in each party".

It estimates that the player also could go out benefited with the traspaso: "Here in Brazil, Tie it-1 was not televised. The player goes losing sponsors, visibility… The big mark of the world-wide football, that was built from the arrival of Ronaldinho, keeps on being the Barça. This is the truth. The club has to look for to the new talent that will be the crack world-wide".

However, it does not wet regarding the future of Ney: "I do not know it, I do not speak of this subject with the father neither with the player. If it renews and it wins three Champions League will say that it is a tarpaulin. What think is that a star joined to the Barcelona is a gigantic business, but when it joins to the mark of the PSG is an a lot lower business".

Laporta Will be fundamental in the operation

With the return of Joan Laporta, Cury trusts that the negotiations could succeed: "Ojalá that Laporta, that is a big president for the Barcelona, have this brilliant idea and hire it. The new management has to reduce the structure of the club, to take fast decisions, knowing what want to… and, in two years, the Barça goes back to be the best power of the world-wide football".

It sustains that the club was very unstable during the management of Bartomeu: "The Barça was like a Titanic, giant, with a pile of people that did not speak the same language, there was not agility and everything was divided. Like this it can not govern. You have to have a club with fewer people and what react fast".

It ensures that the problems were due to the fault of organisation: "The juridical department gave his opinion in the sportive part. This like this does not work. You have to exchange to Arthur by Pjanic because somebody needs to close a balance… is not possible that this go well. The club have to redo his diagram of work, with competent people. And the big advantage for the culés, is that the new president is a person of decision and that puts to work with agility. The key is that Laporta have order and agility".

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