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The UEFA will sanction to the clubs that did not abandon the Superliga

Published:7/05/2021 - 19:36h

Updated:8/05/2021 - 00:08h

The UEFA has announced this Friday that 'will forgive' to the nine clubs that abandoned the project of the Superliga, but the rest will have consequences

Calendar of FC Barcelona

The history of the Superliga is far to finish . This Friday, the UEFA has communicated that they will not sanction to the clubs that abandoned the project of the Superliga European, but that the rest, like the FC Barcelona or Real Madrid, if they will confront to some disciplinary measures in the weeks to come.

The UEFA has explained that it reserves "all the rights" to take the pertinent measures that the organism consider against the clubs that have decided to follow forming part of the project, concrete case of the Barça, Madrid and Juventus, signalling that "the subject will remit without demora to the competent disciplinary organs of the UEFA", as they wrote.

In an extensive communiqué published by the organism rector of the European football, has explained that "with a spirit of reconciliation and for the sake of the European football, nine of the 12 clubs involved (Arsenal, Milan, Chelsea, Athletic of Madrid, Inter, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham) in the project of the designated 'Superliga' presented to the UEFA one 'Statement of commitment of the club' in which it establishes the position of the clubs, included his commitment. To the Competitions of Clubs of the UEFA as well as to the competitions of national clubs".

After the presentation the UEFA summoned to a 'Signpost of Emergencies' of his Executive Committee, which took in consideration "the spirit and the content of the Statement of Commitment of the Club and decided to approve diverse actions, measures and commitments assumed by the clubs" and, as a result of this, has signed a formal confirmation of the commitments and "the form of reintegration and participation of the clubs in the Competitions of Clubs of the UEFA. The measures of reintegration approved are complete and definite".

In this sense, the nine clubs "recognise and accept" that the project of the Superliga European has been a complete "error" and take the opportunity to excuse with the fans, national federations, leagues and the rest of European clubs, in addition to the UEFA as such. "Also they have recognised that the project would not have been authorised by the Statutes and Regulations of the UEFA", wrote.

What signed each club?

In the communiqué published by the UEFA, has explained that the nine clubs (to exception of the FC Barcelona, Juventus and Real Madrid) recognise his character vinculante of the Statutes of the UEFA, as well as they remain engaged with the organisms and his competitions, valuing the sportive merits for the classification to any one of them. To his time, will go back to join to the European Association of Clubs and will take "all the measures that are to his scope with regard to putting end to his participation in the company established to form and operate the Superliga and put end to any legal action related existent".

Of the same way, aimed that they will do a donation by a total of 15 million euros, that will use in profit of the childish football, juvenile and of base in the local communities of all Europe, included the United Kingdom or that "will be subject to the retention of 5% of the income that had received of the competitions of clubs of the UEFA during a season", among others appearances that have left clear in the communiqué of the organism.

Ceferin Goes back to pronounce

In the communiqué, also have added some statements of the president of the UEFA, Aleksander Ceferin, the one who affirmed that "I said in the Congress of the UEFA two weeks ago that needs a strong organisation to admit have committed an error, especially in these days of proof in the social networks. These clubs have done precisely this".

The mandator continued aiming that "when accepting his commitments and his will to repair the interruption that caused, the UEFA wants to leave backwards this chapter and advance with a positive spirit" as well as that "lace measured announced are important, but the UEFA will not retain any of the economic sanctions. All reinvertirán in the basic and juvenile football in the local communities of Europe, included the United Kingdom".

Finally, it has reaffirmed that the nine clubs that abandoned the Superliga "recognised his errors quickly and have taken measures to show his arrepentimiento and future commitment with the European football. It can not say the same of the clubs that follow participating in the call 'Superliga' and the UEFA will occupy of these clubs later ".

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