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Touré Yaya, near to withdraw : "I begin to see the good that it is to be a coach"

Published:14/01/2021 - 14:17h

Updated:14/01/2021 - 14:17h

The ex midfielder of the Barcelona and of the Manchester City, Touré Yayá, admits that likes him the idea to turn into a coach afterwards to withdraw

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The midfield player marfileño of 37 years, Touré Yayá, has published a letter in The Coach Voices where admits that, although it sees next the day in that it have to withdraw like player, confess the attractive that results him the idea to turn into trainer, since it remembered to varied of the misters that have directed it and trained along his career. In the misiva remembered from his first years in Ivory Coast until in the clubs of the European League where has played.

"I have begun to darse me of the well that it is to be trainer", says the ex midfield player of the Barcelona in the text. "The trainers that had along my career helped me to take out the best of me. Jean-Marc Guillou (his trainer in Ivory Coast) saw my talent, put me in an academy and now –after being selected four times as 'Better African Player' of the year– am one of the best footballers that have gone out of Africa", added.

"In the Manchester City, Pep Guardiola and I spoke after the trainings on specific things"

"Roberto Mancini (trainer of the City 2009 – 2013) saw potential in me and showed confidence in that I could play in the centre of the midfield and be a leader for the Manchester City. Without them, it had not attained what have achieved", added. "Help to players to develop like them did it with me is what has inspired me to be a trainer, carrying to the players to his higher level. The best trainers are those that can do this", adds.

It indicates also that the idea to be trainer does that the possibility to withdraw like player was but bearable. "The feeling that this has given me is doing easier to accept that my days like player are approaching to his end. If it arrives, it would love me have the opportunity to follow playing. It would be perfect to find a role that combine to play with training, like Kolo (his brother) did it with Brendan Rodgers in the Celtic and now in the Leicester. Brendan has been a fantastic mentor for Kolo and his progresses in the last years have been phenomenal".

On Guardiola

Touré Remembers that it always spoke so much with the players as with his trainers on details of the parties and the strategies, including to Guardiola. "In the Manchester City, Pep Guardiola and I spoke after the trainings on specific things and parts of the game that he adores to analyse. With David Silva spoke constantly. With Samir Nasri, also. If we did not find a way until Agüero, took the decision to change the things, 'this is not working', said, "so we go to change positions to see how works".

The learnt in the Barcelona

Besides, the marfileño remembered that the speak with the other players to know of which way do the passes is one of the things that learnt in the Barcelona. "When Kevin Of Bruyne joined to the City, we only looked for to do that it felt happy. 'How you want the balloon?', it asked him. 'You want to receive the pass in the half or prefer it in band?'".

"He gave me information and I used this information to help it to be better (…) This was something that learnt in the FC Barcelona: all the world is different. If no speeches with them and is only the trainer the one who gives information, can not help to your mate of team to take out the best of himself. If they annotate a goal, is a goal for all, so why not to help them every time that you can".

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