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UNUSUAL! The proposal of a follower to Di Maio that already is viral in the social media

Published:14/11/2020 - 08:50h

Updated:14/11/2020 - 08:50h

A fan of Matías Di Maio asked him to wrote to his girlfriend to know if his couple could be him unfaithful, but the footballer denied and advised him that he should trust much more in her

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The young Argentinian footballer Matías Gave Maio, current player of the Athletic Argentinian Peñarol of the Regional Amateur, finish to live one of the moments more virales of the last days and already is 'trending topic', as it received a proposal of an user something unusual, but the player did not accept and left a very positive message through his account in Twitter.

Like this the things, an user wrote him to the private to ask him that it treated to flirt with his current couple and that tried enamorarla to know if his girlfriend would be him faithful. However, Matías did not approve this plan, and what himself did was to publish said plática in Twitter. In few hours, the conversation did viral.

"It wanted to do him a proof to my girlfriend: that vos spoke him and threw him wave to see if it loans ..."

"I saw your profile and noticed that my girlfriend puts you 'likes me'", argued the fan to Matías for afterwards comment him: "it is not Romina Malaspina, but want it. Vos sos A pibe re facha and tenés band of 'likes' of mines that are good". Afterwards to compare to his couple with the known model, the follower of Say Maio began him to argue a bit on his plan: "it Wanted to do him a proof to my girlfriend: that vos spoke him and threw him wave to see if it loans . If no querés does not happen at all, do not go you to break the eggs. I want to know if still there are mines that are worthwhile", indicated.

When knowing the intentions of this boy, the footballer showed very polite and manifested him that it did not want to be part of this cheat and, by the contrary, had to give them some councils in which it emphasized that it had to trust more in his couple, when expressing: "I do not know who sos and neither who is your girlfriend. Of good wave can say you that it is not well this that hacés. If for real the querés as you say, why desconfiás?".

The beautiful reflection of Say Maio

"We go crazy, up this self-esteem. If You Are having a bad time, hablá with her, is better. The social networks loan for this, so you do not give him ball. If no never you go to be of girlfriend and never go to be able to trust anybody. If the things do not go, sooner or later, go you to darse, but in the meantime enjoys", indicated him Matías to his follower. Besides, in the thread that the young Argentinian footballer planted in Twitter left a big reflection, when publishing: "Why so much insecurity? I think that my answer was well. The same, it did not like me that it compared to the girlfriend with another, as saying that it is not big thing".

Finally, to the viralizarse this conversation the same Roman Malaspina, the one who possesses more than two millions and half of followers in his account in Instagram, also gave his point of view in Twitter regarding this proposal when expressing of conclusive form: "Happen me the ig of the girlfriend that take it out of party as it deserves pa that forget of the cabrón".

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