Louis Van Gaal, applauding to the 'fans' of the Manchester United


Van Gaal: "Guardiola is angry with me because I challenged it"

Published:22/12/2020 - 00:36h

Updated:4/01/2021 - 09:23h

The ex coach of the Manchester United, Louis Van Gaal, criticised so much to Guardiola as to the current strategist of the mentioned English club Ole-Gunnar Solskjaer

Calendar of FC Barcelona

The ex trainer of the Barça and of the Manchester United, Louis Go Gaal, the one who does not doubt in giving controversial statements, ensured in an interview given to the half British, The Mirror, that did not like him in the absolute the party that did his ex team against the City directed by Pep Guardiola the past 12 December.

"All what did the United was to defend with ten men. In the derbi, the United played as if they were servers of the City. Honestly, the United alone was defending and looking forward to do a fast hit in the against", said. Besides, it ensured also that Guardiola is annoying with him for having it criticised and challenged in the last book that made public. "All the world knows my relation with Pep Guardiola, that is angered with me because I challenged it in my last book", Said a Go Gaal the one who admitted that it liked "him more see to the City that to the United, seat a lot of more charm by the City that by the United".

Attacks to Solskjaer

They go Gaal neither had funnels to the hour to criticise the management of the current trainer of the Manchester United, Ole-Gunnar Solskjaer, but descartó that this was destituido próximamente for being an ex player. However, it thinks that if the directive of the referred English club wishes to sack it, will not do it until finalised the current season of the Premier League, since like this it went his exit of said club four years backwards.

"The United only defends and puts to a pair of players at the front that they can run 100 metres in 9 seconds. It is this a world-wide record? (…) Solskjaer Is an ex player, by what will not sack it so fast as to any another. The United will not sack to a trainer during the season, especially to Solskjaer. They expected to sack me to the end of the season and could happen him to him also", ensured.

Other criticisms to Guardiola

It is not the first time that Louis Go Gaal does criticisms against Guardiola by his management like technician. It was in 2019 when it declared that the City led by Guardiola did not have the sufficient level to win in the Champions League by a lot of that have won the Premier. "Win the for the second time followed league is fantastic. Guardiola Has won all what is possible to win in England, but the high level is in the Champions. And it did not win it neither with the City neither with the Bayern".

In his opinion, it has to to the system and philosophy of game of Guardiola, which, according to him, never considers to the rival that has in the field of game. "This is the consequence to be too concerned by the game of his team and no by the one of the opponent", thought Go Gaal, to the time in that it made this same criticism to the current trainer of the Ajax, Erik have Hag. "You have to respect to your opponent. Guardiola And Have Hag have teams of big qualities for his national rivals. But this does not apply to the Champions", added.