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Another 'crack' by Pellegrini against VAR due to Mandi's penalty

Published:8/11/2020 - 00:19h

Updated:8/11/2020 - 10:56h

Manuel Pellegrini, trainer of the Real Betis, criticised duramente to the VAR by the signaling of the clear penalti by hands of Aissa Mandi in the second time

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It does some weeks, Manuel Pellegrini, trainer of the Real Betis, criticised the use of the VAR after doubtful actions against the Real Madrid. Against the FC Barcelona, Stable Fernández did not see a clear penalti by hands of Aissa Mandi -saw the red by the action- that later rearbitró after reviewing the played, something that also outraged to the Chilean trainer in spite of that the decision was very logical, since the defender avoided a goal with the arm despegado of the body.

The technician bético remembered actions of the past and, wrongly, considered that Mandi had the arms hit to the body in the action of the penalti of the FC Barcelona. "I think that the VAR is applicable to the football in the measure in that it apply for failures garrafales of the referee. Today it has been the same that when I said it in England two years ago, with the Real Madrid and with the Athletic. The referee is the one who is in field, can not be the VAR. There is a finish in which Mandi is with the arms hit to the body, the referee sees it and does not earn it because it did not estimate penalti. It earns it the VAR from above, does him earn a penalti", said.

Manuel Pellegrini considers that only it would have to have pitado penalti if the referee had seen it from the beginning. "The VAR is for if it earns penal and the fault is out of the area, is for an offside of some metres advanced, but if we go to rearbitrar all what the referee, go to the party of the Real Madrid in which I said the same. If today the referee earns the penalti and expels to Mandi do not have at all that say because it is the criterion of the referee. The referee is at the side, sees it and does not earn it, but earns it the VAR, have to demand by the use of the VAR", manifested.

"The one who is in the field is the referee, no the VAR"

The trainer of the Real Betis remembered controversial actions against Real Madrid and Athletic. "Against the Real Madrid exactly the same, the referee saw the fault of Emerson and did not estimate expulsion, did him expel it the VAR. It saw the penal of Bartra that pushes him the player of the Real Madrid and the balloon hits him in the hand, the referee was at the side and does not earn it, earns it the VAR. Against the Athletic of Madrid is Mateu to five metres and neither considers it expulsion, expels it the VAR. I do not know if it is the referee or the VAR the one who arbitrates", signalled.

His final conclusion on the subject did not convince too much: "it Is an important technology that improves a lot of injustices, but can not have two referees because if it would not be necessary to stop 25 times to see the VAR during the party. When the referee is very situated, when it sees the played and does not earn it, the referee is he. It is not a complaint against the referee, if today it expels to Mandi and pita penalti is perfectly in his rights, but if it sees it, no it pita and it pita another, have to demand because it has happened us against the three teams, Real Madrid, Athletic of Madrid and Barcelona, the fact to mark of this way or the use of the VAR with this technology".

However, puntualizó that did not put in doubt the honorabilidad referee's. "When I speak of this circumstance am not putting in doubt neither the honorabilidad of the referee neither of the VAR. Therefore when they raised me file said it because I do not see intention to damage to the Betis or favour to the big teams. I am speaking of facts where the VAR arbitrates instead of the referee that had decided not earning the played. We receive goals in these parties for treating of empatar with one less. I do not think that it reflect the difference, but have to follow working to try fit fewer goals", sentenced.

Assessment of the party

Manuel Pellegrini showed proud of the courage of the Real Betis. "So much this time as against the Real Madrid and the Athletic, reiterate that we go on the way correct. We go out to look for the party, did a first egalitarian part. Also against the Barcelona was very tightened until the 2-1 but with the expulsion finished . With two goals down and with a man less can not do assessment, but put another goal. We go to have the spirit to go out to win to any side although we have to improve a lot of things", commented.

Finally, elogió to Claudio Bravo that it was able to detain him a penalti to Antoine Griezmann, the number 24 that for in his career. "It arrives to the Chilean selection in perfect conditions. This penalti that stopped was very decisive, was the party balanced then. In the second time did him several goals more but could not do a lot, had a man less", concluded.

Like this they spoke Koeman and Sergi Roberto of the party


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