Eibar, 0 - FC Barcelona, 4

"Doublet" of Messi and new goleada of the Barça in a very favourable League (0-4)

Published:6/03/2016 - 23:52h

Updated:7/03/2016 - 12:06h

The Barça sentenced the party against the Eibar in the first-half with two goals of Munir and Messi. The second was unimportant, but in spite of this a played isolated of Messi caused a penalti of Ramis, with the "10" signing the "doublet". Suárez also marked a golazo

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The SD Eibar-FC Barcelona began with an audible pitada of the bloated local to the culés, when having in the mind the tie of the Barça in the last day of the past season in League BBVA against the Sportive, that allowed the permanence of the Galicians and the mathematical descent of the Basques to the League Forward, although finally they saved "" thanks to the descent in the dispatches of the Elche, that deportivamente had achieved to remain in First. The case is that, during the first minutes of party, of score and without a dominador clear in the game, what more surprised was to see in the alignment title to Rakitic -that against the Ray Vallecano suffered a hard entrance of a contrary that there was him mermado physically during the last days- and Munir The Haddadi, the one who was not to title from the party of turn of semifinals of Glass of the King against the Valency in Mestalla.

Precisely the leading youngster Spanish of Moroccan origin was one of the most active players of the Barça during the first minutes of game, attracting to contrary defenders with his movements to the space, generating disequilibrium in the left band and causing the apparition of more spaces for Leo Messi and Luis Suárez, the two true spearheads of the FC Barcelona. The destination, however, wanted that it was Munir the first in marking and desquiciar to Asier Risk. In the minute 8 of party, and in a played that was born of a kickoff of band, Leo Messi put a precise pass in depth to Luis Suárez so that the Uruguayan forward, escorado in the right band, gave a pass of the death to Munir that the canterano blaugrana no desaprovechó.

The "MSM" of the Barça also carbura

Second goal of Munir this season in League BBVA after which already marked in The Rosaleda in front of the Málaga, in a played precisely identical and with the same protagonists. The so much seated like a vase of cold water to the Eibar, that if it already had problems to generate game from backwards, from then had to lidiar also with the desesperanza to go underneath in the marker. In spite of everything, in the minute 12 a finish of head of Ramis after a centre of Radosevic left above the crossbar, causing that Bravo pulled to ensure that the ball went was. It was a played isolated, because the FC Barcelona was moving with a lot of criterion the spherical, always with dynamism and controlling the greater part of the possession, reflecting on the lawn a superiority that remained patent also with the a lot of approaches culés to the area of Risk.

The Eibar exerted a very high pressure and to the Barça cost him advance in the exit of balloon, but once surpassed this pressure Messi found in version pasador, assisting with passes in depth to Luis Suárez and Munir The Haddadi so that they generated danger with his desmarques. In the minute 21, Munir suffered a bad fall after elevating to contest a balloon divided, and remained several second hurting on the lawn, although fortunately it could recover without problems and continue playing. Messi followed giving a lesson of passes to the space during the first-half, but to the Barcelona was missing him something of verticality to the hour to try generate more danger in attack. And it is that, from the played of the goal, so only Luis Suárez had tested luck from out of the area with a powerful shot that left diverted, above the goal of Risk.

The Eibar rebels and Messi sorts out

The played offensives of the FC Barcelona desordenaban the defence of the Eibar and caused several corners in favour of the interests culés, but further of this, and of some went of game of Jordi Alba and Luis Suárez, the ones of Luis Enrique were not too conclusive in the final metres, although it neither did fault seeing the command culé of the meeting. In the minute 31, Messi went back to put the magic in a pass in depth for Munir, that gave a too strong pass to Luis Suárez and wasted of this form a clear opportunity of the Barça to annotate the second in the electronic. So only two minutes afterwards arrived the reply of the Eibar, with a finish of Escalante to a centre of Borja Clave that brushed the right stick of the goal of Claudio Bravo.

The SD Eibar tightened during the last minutes of the first part in search of the goal of the tie, but the FC Barcelona was very solid backwards with the defence of gala formed by Alves, Mascherano, Hammered and Jordi Alba. In spite of everything, the reality is that the Eibar had stepped forward in the pressure and the Barcelona there was stray command on the lawn. In the minute 40, in fact, a loss of balloon of Mascherano caused one against of the Eibar in which the final centre of Escalante, that rebounded in Jordi Alba, by little finish at the bottom of the goal of Bravo. But it appeared the one of always: Messi. Munir Recovered the balloon after an error of Layer in the centre of the field and gave it to him to the Argentinian, that encaró to the defence, did the diagonal threatening the shot in several occasions and afterwards crossed an imparable shot raso that went back to beat to Risk, sentencing partially the marker.

To the Barça fails him the last pass to sentence

20 goals of Leo Messi in League BBVA, to five of Luis Suárez and to seven of Cristiano Ronaldo in the fight by the "Pichichi" of the domestic competition. The second half began with much less dynamism that the end of the first, and with a FC Barcelona that little by little went back to install in the field of the Eibar, stealing balloons and surpassing with patience the high pressure of the Basques. In the minute 51, an adjusted offside prevented that Luis Suárez remained entirely only in front of Risk after a new pass in depth of Leo Messi, but gave the feeling that the FC Barcelona, to little that stepped the accelerator, would achieve without problems the third goal in Ipurúa.

In the minute 53, in fact, a big played personal of Suárez, that left in a one against one of the central Ramis progressing by the right band, finish with a pass to Leo Messi, the one who although it seem incredible controlled badly and desbarató a clear offensive opportunity of the Barça. The ones of Luis Enrique followed carburando and approaching to the goal, but the Eibar planted face in the centre of the field and did not put the at all easy things. In spite of everything, this second part was for the moment, arrived to the minute 60, something more boring and with fewer occasions that the first, with the FC Barcelona dosificando strengths when having the party more than controlled a priori.

Messi and Luis Suárez sign the goleada

Sergio Busquets lost some that another committed balloon in the centre of the field, but the defensive solidity of the Barça cancelled the intentonas of the Eibar, in a party something lacking of shots to door and without too many distractions on the lawn. In the minute 66, a left of Sergi Enrich propició a shot from out of the area of Adrián by part of the Eibar, but the shot left too high and did not upset for nothing to Claudio Bravo. Any of the two teams lost the order and the structure to the hour to attack, with the will of not generating possible counterattacks of the rival, and this caused that the big majority of the attacks of both groups went in static.

The Barça had kicked twice in all the party and had marked a goal, but in spite of the offensive inactivity was contesting a serious party, with a 0-2 that gave a lot of security to follow keeping a distance regarding the Athletic of Madrid at the head of the leadership in the League BBVA 2015-16. In the minute 70, a shy shot of fault of Leo Messi finish in the hands of Risk, very placed. Eight minutes afterwards, however, the Argentinian caused a penalti by hands of Ramis and the same "10" was the attendant to kick it, with a soft shot and by the centre of the goal that deceived entirely to Risk. It was the guinda of the cake for the Barça, that from then devoted to control the spherical and play it with criterion.

Vermaelen, Sergi Roberto and Marc Bartra went in to fault of ten minutes for the end, giving rest to Hammered, Busquets and Burn Turan. Still there would be time for another golazo, the one of Luis Suárez. After three parties without marking, the Uruguayan threw a pipe inside the area to Layer and, after bumping against a rival that went to the floor in front of his corpulencia, connected a powerful shot crossed that went back to put of the nerves to Risk, powerless in front of the exuberance of the Barça. Further of this, at all more remarkable. New goleada of the Barça in a League very of face.

Technical index card of the party: SD Eibar 0-4 FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona, 4: Bravo; Dani Alves, Hammered (Bartra, 79'), Mascherano, Jordi Alba; Busquets (Vermaelen, 79'), Burn (Sergi Roberto, 79'), Rakitic; Munir, Messi and Suárez.

SD Eibar, 0: Risk; Layer, Pantic, Ramis, Juncà; Adrián, Escalante, Carrillo; Radosevic, Clave (Saúl Berjón, 68') and Sergi Enrich (Inui, 89').

Goals of the party: Munir The Haddadi, 8'; Leo Messi, 42'; Leo Messi, 76'; Suárez, 84'.

Referee: Undiano Mallenco.

Incidences: corresponding Party to the twentieth eighth day of the League BBVA 2015-16, contested in Ipurúa without remarkable incidences.

Next party: FC Barcelona vs Getafe (League BBVA J29)

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