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Luis Enrique, Figo, Ronaldo... The 29 players who played in the Clásico with Barça and Madrid

Published:18/03/2023 - 18:10h

Updated:18/03/2023 - 18:10h

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid will play a new edition of the Clásico this Sunday, with Marcos Alonso as the last player to wear both shirts. In total, 29 players and coaches went through Barça and Madrid in the history of the Clásicos

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In more than 120 years of history, a total of 29 players and 2 trainers can boast have gone through the FC Barcelona and the Real Madrid. In the previous of a new Classical of LaLiga, review the names that had the possibility to dress both T-shirts, in some cases with stays very brief and others with traspasos that generated a lot of controversy in the press and the fans of both teams.

With the 'case Figo' at most exponent of the rivalry and Marcos Alonso like last player in arriving to Catalonia with past madridista, there are cases very striking like the one of Luis Enrique, the one who went figure in the Madrid at the beginning of the decade of the 90' and, later, emblem culé like player and trainer. Also there were cases less controversial, as Ronaldo Nazario, the one who is remembered with affection by the two more important fans of the Spanish football.

Ricardo Zamora and Evaristo, the first 'big' in both teams

The first player in the list is Ricardo Zamora, legend of the Spanish arch that has given his name to the prize of the best goalkeeper of the season. The Catalan debuted with the Barça in 1920 after forming in the Espanyol and was two seasons in the group culé. After his return to the group 'parakeet' arrived to the Real Madrid in 1931 to culminate his career four years later. In total contested 10 Classical, all with the white T-shirt, receiving 16 goals.

In the first-half of the 20th century also went through both teams José Samitier, Juan Hilario, Josep Channel, Joaquín Navarro, Alfonso Navarro, Justo Tejada, Jesús María 'Chus' Pereda and the Brazilian Evaristo. This last was in the FC Barcelona between 1957 and 1962, winning a pair of Leagues and a Glass of the King before leaving to the Madrid. There it was three years and won a pair of Leagues more. In total, contested a ten of Classical, marking 6 goals.

Schuster And Mile, referents in the decade of the 80'

Already in the years 60' there were players with irrelevant step by the two big of the Spanish football like the Belgian Fernand Goyvaerts and the French Lucien Müller, both without a lot of luck in the Classical, since they did not attain 'wet'. The Frenchman was trainer culé, with a brief go through the bench of the Camp Nou in the season 1978-79. In the following decade, the only with past culé and madridista was Amador Lorenzo, acting goalkeeper of the Barça between 1980 and 1986.

Much more notable were the cases of Bernd Schuster and Luis Mile. The mediocentro German was eight years in the FC Barcelona before leaving to the Real Madrid in 1988, contesting two seasons. In Catalonia won three Glasses of Rey and a League, while in Chamartín won everything to domestic level in the two seasons that played. Besides, it went trainer 'merengue' between 2007 and 2008, winning LaLiga this year. Mile, by his part, also changed the T-shirt blaugrana by the white in 1990, after forming in The Masia and play six years with the first Catalan team.

The years 90', period of maximum rivalry

Much more interesting was the decade of the 90', with until eight players exchanging T-shirts. To the steps testimoniales of Nando Múñoz, Miguel Soler, Julen Lopetegui (also ex white technician) and Dani García Lara give the cases of figures like Gheorghe Hagi, Michael Laudrup and Robert Prosinecki. Hagi Shined in the Barça between 1994 and 1996, but already had gone through the Madrid between 1990 and 1992. The own did Laudrup in Barcelona between 1989 and 1994 before playing two seasons in Chamartín. With Prosinecki, the Barça had him two years (1995-97) after a step agridulce by Madrid (1991-94) where never arrived to settle like titling.

Very interesting was the traspaso of Luis Enrique. The ex technician culé and of the Selection contested 31 Classical and converted 4 goals. Figure in the Real Madrid between 1991 and 1996, the ex mediocentro mudó to Barcelona this year, turning into one of the most hated men by the fans madridista. After his retreat like footballer in 2004 happened to the benches, winning it all with the group blaugrana between 2014 and 2017.

The 'case Figo' to begin the burning 21st century

However, the Madrid would take 'revancha' of the betrayal of Luis Enrique with Luis Figo. The Portuguese, captain and idol culé between 1995 and the 2000 left to the Madrid in the summer of this year, being the first big signing of Florentino Pérez and his project 'galactic'. Since it turned into the most hated footballer of the history culé and, still when it abandoned the Real Madrid in 2005, keeps on being person no grata in Can Barça.

Much less controversial was the case of Ronaldo Nazario. The Brazilian shined in the 1996-97 in Camp Nou and, after an infortunado go through the Inter of Milan, returned to Spain to get dressed of white in 2002. Respected by both fans, the 'Phenomenon' was four years in Madrid before going back to Italy with the AC Milan. Stormier were the cases of Samuel Eto'or and Javier Saviola.

The Cameroonian left Madrid in the 2000 after a season without opportunities and, after shining in the Mallorca, turned into the '9' of the Barça in 2004, winning it all in five years and turning into a confeso anti madridista, with 4 goals in Classical. By his part, the 'Rabbit' arrived to Catalonia in 2001 like the big promise of the Argentinian football, but his performance was of more to less and left yielded to the Seville in 2004, returning in 2006. A year later would leave to the Madrid, where grieve played in two seasons.

Less notorious were the steps by Barcelona and Madrid of Alfonso Pérez and Albert Celades. Pérez contested nine Classical and converted a pair of so many. After five years in the Spanish capital (1990-95) arrived to Barcelona in the 2000, making little showing in two seasons. By his part, Celades, canterano culé, happened four seasons in the first team before mudarse to Madrid in the summer of 2000, but had little shooting in the Galactic team and left in 2003. The last in going through both clubs is Marcos Alonso, the one who formed in the 'White House'. The defender left in 2010, returning to Spain like culé after a successful decade in the English football.

The two technicians that went through both benches

For the moment, only two trainers in the history of the Spanish football have gone through the benches of the FC Barcelona and the Real Madrid. The first was Enrique Fernández, ex Uruguayan forward that directed to the Barça between 1947 and 1950, winning two consecutive Leagues. Afterwards it followed suit in Chamartín, winning LaLiga 1953-54 in his only season like trainer 'merengue'.

The another in going through both changing rooms was Radomir Antic. The Serbian, died in 2020, went technician of the Madrid between 1990 and 1992, without titles in a stage complicated of the white group. After winning a League with the Athletic in 1996 arrived to the Camp Nou in January of 2003, remaining only a semester where, although it did not win any title, left good results after an abysmal semester with Louis go Gaal in the bench.

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