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Negreira assures that Barça paid him "to guarantee the neutrality of the Arbitration Committee"

Published:22/03/2023 - 00:27h

Updated:22/03/2023 - 00:27h

José María Enríquez Negreira had explained to the Tax Agency in October 2021 the details of his employment relationship with FC Barcelona. According to the former vice president of the Referees Committee, the club never sought arbitration favors

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"They paid me because like this they were calm that in the Referee's Committee there were not decisions against of the Football Club Barcelona, that all was neutral". Like this resumió José María Enríquez Negreira the reason of the amounts invoiceed by his company DASNIL during the presidencies of Sandro Rosell and Josep María Bartomeu, according to the statement filtered by the newspaper 'El País'. The ex vice-president of the Technical Committee of Referees (CTA) already had been interrogated by the Agency Tributaria in October of 2021, a lot before destaparse the scandal.

In accordance with Negreira, his meetings with the mandators culés were scarce, only some six times to the year, and never had relation with another member of the directive. The bills always sent by post and all the money deposited in the banking account of the Bank Sabadell of DASNIL (previously NILSAD). The relation with the club would have initiated by the year 2008 and the same ceased after his exit of the CTA. Besides, it denied categorically have paid to some referee or ex referee with what credited him the Barça.

In what consisted his reports?

Enríquez Negreira ensured that it never earned at all like vice-president of the Referee's Committee, since it had the payment of the Barça and what produced his company (DASNIL). "What did in the CTA was to review the reports that do the referees (the record) after each party and mark them. In function of this punctuation the referee could rise of category. Also we had an informador of the federation that reviewed if the arbitration had been correct. Prepare technical talks (trainings) to the referees. Gather us with the regional presidents", explained.

In this sense, detailed his services to the group blaugrana. "It had to go to see the parties (personally or through ex mates referees) and be informed of the reason had taken decisions. The FC Barcelona considered that it prejudiced him and favoured to other teams (this is a personal hypothesis anybody has said it to me directly). My obligation was to give my opinion on the parties regarding the arbitration and to the players. Technical advice".

The end of his relation with the Barça

Enríquez Negreira went out of the Referee's Committee in 2018, after 14 years of work. His exit, explains, coincided with the end of his bond with the Barça, although the club still had valid agreement of collaboration with the company DASNIL. "The Barcelona decided it unilaterally. In fact, I sent him a letter to Bartomeu and complained of incumplimiento of agreement. Afterwards I called him, but it did not take me the telephone".

On the other hand, the ex referee denied the existence of any document, report or similar archive in which they include the conclusions of the advice that loaned through DASNIL to the group blaugrana. Regarding his goodbye to the CTA, detailed that, after the exit of José María Villar of the presidency of the RFEF by problems with the justice, "the new president (Luis Rubiales) decided to do without all the previous directive".

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