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Suffered victory for a Barça without aim against Almería to close 2023 (3-2)

Published:20/12/2023 - 20:58h

Updated:20/12/2023 - 21:06h

The FC Barcelona suffered much more of the expected and of the deserved against the Almería to add a valuable triumph in his fight by LaLiga (3-2). The Barcelona failed a lot up once again, but marked the difference to unemployed balloon

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The FC Barcelona went out with the intensity and win them forced taking into account the importance of the party in front of the Almería. The culés had clear that could not go back to fail and in the first 15 minutes suffocated to the 'farolillo red' of LaLiga with a high pressure and several dangerous arrivals. The clearest, a head butt of Sergi Roberto after a corner that Luis Maximiano stopped of form milagrosa to save to his in the minute 8.

However, the initial impetus of the ones of Xavi Hernández was disappearing with the step of the minutes by fault of the enclosed defence of the almerienses. The ones of Gaizka Garitano knew to hold the hard first compasses of the crash and shut backwards, complicating a lot the circulation of the Barça. To the blaugrana cost them find spaces after these good first minutes and went down a lot his rhythm of game.

The Almería, in fact, had good minutes with ball before arriving to the first half hour, listening even whistles in Montjuïc in front of the passivity of the Barcelona. But this 'woke up to the barcelonistas, that recovered something of 'spark' and did not take in showing his superiority. To fault of clarity with the ball, the Barça took advantage of another corner for, this time yes, advance in the marker.

Raphinha 'Broke' his abysmal series in the 1-0

Ronald Araújo heaved above the Andalusian defence and finished with strength of head so that Maximiano went back to answer with another big unemployed. Luckily, this time the rebound collected it Raphinha, that point-blank did not forgive and put the wished 1-0 in the marker. This target, celebrated with a lot of anger by the Brazilian, that did not mark from September, would have to have reassured to the team to be able to, but unfortunately did not go like this.

Four minutes after the so much, Robert Lewandowski had the second to 'shot' after a gift of the defence almeriense, but the Pole found with the goalkeeper visitor, that stopped to keep to his team in the meeting. A paradón that few minutes afterwards went even more decisive thanks to Leo Baptistao, that did what seemed impossible in the 41' of game.

The ex of the Athletic of Madrid received a very good pass of Arrive to the gap and did not fail in the definition in front of Iñaki Crag, 'hammering it' by on to put the tie. The linesman cancelled it by offside, but after two minutes of uncertainty analysing the played, the VAR gave validity to the target. Ronald Araújo, that could not win him the career to the attacker, seemed to have the foot some centimetres further back when it went out the balloon for misfortune of the Barcelona.

'Whistles' in Barcelona after the 1-1 of the Almería

The goal did him a lot of damage to the Barça, that even had a 'fright' important with another shot of Baptistao that was not very far of the right stick of Crag. The Almería grew in the final stretch of the first time, causing audible whistles by part of the fans culé, that showed his 'get angry' by the level of his footballers during an irregular first part.

Xavi decided 'move the coctelera' after the first 45 minutes, giving gone in to Ferran Torres by a missing Joao Félix, and to Jules Koundé by a Christensen that it neither was hit. The entrance of the Valencian was a blow of cool air for the blaugrana and the forward 'brushed' the second of his team practically the first time that the rocó, after a big pass of Lewandowski of heel.

A minute after that another good unemployed of Maximiano, Ferran went back to appear with a good played by the left, another hit pass of Lewy and another paradón of the goalkeeper of the Almería to the powerful, but centred shot of the '7'. Another warning of the Barça, that went out of the changing rooms with the intensity that sued this meeting, that had lost after the good start of crash.

The Barça went back to 'kill' to the Almería of corner

But the expected so much of the ones of Xavi could not arrive of played and went again after a kickoff of corner where marked the difference. The Almería, that was happening it really bad in each corner and lateral fault, could not do at all to avoid that the brutal head butt of Sergi Roberto went in by the second stick. Maximiano, the big hero almeriense, only could look it by the big comba that took the finish of the captain.

Justo after this 2-1, Lewandowski went back to have the third in his boots, that had meant the sentence. But equal that happened with the 1-0, when had the second to 'shot' and failed, the Pole did not adjust the sufficient his shot and Maximiano took it out to him with another good pulled. This unemployed saviour gave some hope to the visitors, that did not surrender in spite of being very subjected by the Barça in the second time.

'Gift' of Crag for the unexpected tie almeriense

With this faith of the Almería arrived a miserable action starred by Iñaki Crag and Araújo. Happened the minute 70, Arrive hanged a far fault that only went in to finish Édgar, that touched it. The rebound would have to have been easy for the goalkeeper culé, that went out of his goal for blocar, but did not communicate with Ronald, that did not see him come, and at the end the rebound finish him falling to the porpio Édgar, that marked the unexpected 2-2 to empty door.

The party complicated him to the Barcelona, especially after failing two very clear occasions in the following minutes. The first was of head again, this time of Araújo, and was hit to the stick, whereas the second was an authentic miracle for the Andalusians that did not go in, after a finish of Lewy that Gündogan did not hit to touch point-blank. But they say that so much it goes the cántaro to the source that at the end breaks , and fortunately for the Catalans this is what sucedió.

Sergi Roberto, unexpected hero of the Barça

An inspiradísimo Sergi Roberto went back to mark the difference after a very good pass of Lewy that the captain defined to perfection after arriving from backwards. The one of Reus was the unexpected hero of the meeting and went definitely the MVP of his team. But this goal in the 83' could not being sufficient and therefore the culés looked for the chamber and had some arrival more to achieve it. By his part, the Almería also had a very clear, but Crag sobrepuso to his previous error and saved to the team with a paradón to finish of Dribble.

After the 'fright' almeriense, the Barça no 'killed' the duel with possession and followed looking for more in the final minutes. Sergi was 'on fire' and was to centimetres to put a historical 'hat-trick', but his powerful zurdazo went to the crossbar. Finally, a much more suffered triumph of the expected before the holidays of navidad. Seen the seen, well would do Xavi in asking more puntería for his footballers to Dad Noel.

Technical index card of the party: FC Barcelona 3-2 Almería

  • FC Barcelona: Crag; I Cancel, Araújo, Christensen (Koundé, min. 45), Balde; Gündogan, Roberto, Fermín (Romeu, min. 67); Raphinha (Lamine, min. 76), Lewandowski and Joao Félix (Ferran, min. 45).
  • Almería: Maximiano; Édgar, Montes, Chumi, Pozo (Mendes, min. 64), Akieme; Lopy, Dribble; you Arrive, Ramazani (Embarba, min 77) and Baptistao (Lázaro, min. 77).
  • Referee: Stable Fernández
  • Incidences: corresponding Party to the 19ª day of LaLiga 2023-2024.
  • Goals of the party: 1-0, Raphinha (min. 33); 1-1, Leo Baptistao (min. 41); 2-1, Sergi Roberto (min. 60); 2-2, Édgar (min. 71); 3-2, Sergi Roberto (min. 83)

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