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SURPRISE: RCD Espanyol demands to cancel the relegations in LaLiga!

Published:4/08/2020 - 09:21h

Updated:4/08/2020 - 12:28h

The spanish Second Division is on fire due to a mess caused by the coronavirus crisis, and this Monday the surprise has gone off. RCD Espanyol has raised its voice in an official statement asking cancel the relegations in LaLiga

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The future of the Second Spanish Division is still in the air, because it still has not cleared the jaleo caused by the crisis of the coronavirus. To these heights is clear that it was a capital error suspend only the meeting between Sportive of the Coruña and Fuenlabrada by the positive of the Madrilenian group, because the last day contested without a team that was playing the salvation and without another that litigated by a square of playoff. Many have heaved the voice proposing solutions that adjust to his interests, but still there is not agreement and the time plays against.

The surprise has jumped this Monday with an official communiqué of the RCD Espanyol, that has requested to cancel the descents in LaLiga. The Catalans are the first club of First in pronouncing on this delicate subject, since they land, precisely, in the category of silver for the season 2020-21. In the last months did not find solutions to his own crisis and fell in the pozo beside RCD Mallorca and Leganés.

The 'pericos' argue that there is diverse factors that have caused "situations irremediablemente unfair", that have affected especially to the sportive terrain. Although it did not affect them directly, they mention the clash of Riazor; but also the absence of public in the stadiums because "we played against five direct rivals in the fight by the permanence"; and the affectation of those staff that saw struck by the COVID-19, "with the consequent affectations that leaves the illness during a lot of weeks".

The entity espanyolista signals that the economic impact of the loss of category is a serious threat for the involved, and a question that concerns notably to the patronal. In this sense, demands that "it do not punish or penalise doubly" to those that fell in the red zone, but urges to look for alternative roads because at the same time, does not wish that it invalidate to the champions, risen or classified for the European competitions. "It can become comprehensible that reward directly a series of situations", explains.

His writing has been very commented and has desatado reactions of all type. In spite of that exist sectors that share his reasoning, the majority has thought that the directive is trying to win in the dispatches that that lost on the lawn. Although it is true that the dispute keeps in Second, there is some justification in the protests of these clubs by his direct implication in the case, whereas the square blanquiazul did not do his duties and wants to avoid move away of the football of elite for the first time in 27 years.

The communiqué of the Espanyol on the descents in LaLiga

"The past month of April, in full pandemia, all the clubs decide to treat to restart the competition to save, at least, big part of the income of television and avoid like this an extreme economic situation, that had caused the failure of the sector and the loss of a lot of places of work. The agreement reached in the pact of Viana was, in this sense, an example of solidarity and union that allowed us save a big part of the income and restart the competition, with the innegable effort by part of all.

However, months afterwards and after having competed in this context, have appeared circumstances that have prevented that the league have developed in equality of conditions for all the participants. For example:

- The last day of LaLiga SmartBank could not contest of way unified by the suspension of the Sportive of The Coruña – CF Fuenlabrada, what has caused a situation without an easy solution because it can affect to third teams.

- The absence of public in the stadiums has been a big damage for all the clubs, but, in our case, this circumstance has been much more remarkable place that played against five direct rivals in the fight by the permanence.

- Clubs like Valencia CF or we same have encouraged us for competing with normality, in spite of having confirmed that, in the professional staff, during the months of March and April, there has been a good number of players infected by the COVID-19, with the consequent affectations that leaves the illness during a lot of weeks.


Although it is true that the competition has completed , save in Second Division as we have aimed, the situations become are irremediablemente unfair regarding the sportive appearance, since in this end of league has not competed in the same conditions of equality that before the suspension.

The economic impact of the COVID-19 goes to extend to the season 20-21. If to this adds him the economic effect that involves a descent, the punishment accumulated is devastador and unfair for the affected.

The RCD Espanyol understands that, in front of a situation caused by a world-wide pandemia, with the uncertainty that follows existing in front of the affectations of health and economic that comports, can become comprehensible that reward directly a series of situations (champion of League, classifications for European competitions, promotion…) but results of the all inasumible that punish or penalise doubly to the more victims.

Therefore, taking into account all the conditionings that have given from the return to the competition and in front of the facts become in the last days in which several clubs have elevated his voice by the injustice and the fault of solutions that are producing , the RCD Espanyol defends the elimination of the descents this season in the competitions tuteladas by LaLiga, as it has sucedido in all those organised by the RFEF. The possible loss of income that would involve a decision of this envergadura can compensate with the help of all with different formulas that would avoid the economic damage of the participants involved; one of the maximum worries and arguments that has esgrimido, up to now, the patronal".

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