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Tebas 'charges' against Barça and asks UEFA to open a disciplinary file

Published:30/09/2023 - 19:27h

Updated:30/09/2023 - 20:16h

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, has been openly critical when expressing his opinion on various issues surrounding current Spanish football. He has been especially hard with FC Barcelona, ​​Luis Rubiales and Florentino Pérez, to whom he has directed more than one 'attack'

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Javier Thebes, president of LaLiga, has taken advantage of his participation in the program 'Flat General' of 'RTVE' to tackle several subjects related with the Spanish football. During the interview, the mandator of the body rector of the maximum contest of the balompié Spanish, has commented on the controversy that surrounds to the FC Barcelona in the 'case Negreira' and the discrepancies between the RFEF and the feminine football in the 'case Rubiales'.

What thinks Javier Thebes in front of the 'case Negreira'?

Regarding the 'case Negreira', the native of Costa Rica emphasized: "A player that leaves buy for me has the same component of gravity that the own referee, that what does is pitar this penalti. We speak of sportive corruption and does not consummate with the purchase or the result achieved, but with the mere intention to influence, that already is crime". It took advantage of the opportunity to highlight his commitment in the fight against the alter of parties.

Regarding the subject of the arbitration and if it benefits or prejudices to some team of LaLiga, and if the Real Madrid is the team of the diet, the president also recalcó: "To the first, do not do these statistics, already do them the means and to the second, did not live this period and can not think".

Thebes and his enésimo 'stick' to the Barça

As in all interview, Javier Thebes has taken advantage of the opportunity to mention something about the Barça, first, aseverando how, from his point of view, the subject of the independentism has affected to the club, explaining: "they prejudice Him because it is a transversal club and if you go in in a field in which to a lot of people hurts him, those inflate go to feel orphans".

Besides, the mandator also has expressed his position in front of a possible sanction to the FC Barcelona by the 'case Negreira': "If I am adherent that the Barça had descended or had not played the Champions by the case Negreira? I what said is that it opened a disciplinary file in the UEFA".

Luis Rubiales and the controversial actuality of the football in Spain

Apropos the subject of Luis Rubiales, to the one who, on the other hand, has cataloged like a "embarrassment" and his controversy with Jenni Beautiful, the president of LaLiga has allowed express the following: "there were sufficient reasons for inhabilitar to Luis Rubiales before the kiss to Jenni Beautiful, but the Upper Council of Sports did not attend the complaints of LaLiga that I same presented".

To these statements, has added: "The case Rubiales has hid subjects of political type, sure", for recalcar that the Spanish football is crossing one of his greater crises of reputation in the last 25 years because of all the sportive subjects that are living at present in the Iberian nation. It commented: "Never they will be able to repair all the damages, but have to work so that the world know that Spain does not have a male chauvinistic society and that here respects the dignity of the woman".

Why there is disparity between the masculine and feminine football?

Besides, when it questioned him to Javier Thebes on the disparity salarial between the feminine and masculine football, the mandator sentenced the following: "it Is so sport like the masculine, but when we speak of business the thing changes. The feminine football does not have a problem of gender, but is not the same that the masculine if we compare the volume of business. It is necessary to work it and push it, clear, so that it turn into a business because has a lot of route. And it is necessary to have patience because sometimes want to give steps very long can be a problem".

Thebes 'farda' of good relation with Laporta and Cerezo, but with Florentino...

Equally, when it has asked him to the president of LaLiga about his relation with his homologous of the three big teams of the Spanish football (FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Athletic of Madrid), the native of Costa Rica has stood out that it would go "to take a beer" with Joan Laporta and referred to Enrique Cerezo like "caballeroso and nice".

Now, regarding Florentino Pérez, has not had words very favourable. In the first place, it has described as it "egocentric" and has expressed his remarkable differences in the form to see the football. Besides, it mentioned that sometimes the director madridista makes a mistake in his functions, aseverando: "Florentino considers that he is the one who commands. A day said me: 'you do not listen me'. For the Madrid is well, but for the things of the football in general makes a mistake a lot of. It has gone back a mesiánico. The Madrid goes to save us to all".

The quotation of Javier Thebes to Gerard Hammered

Finally, Javier Thebes, questioned about Gerard Hammered and his sentence associated to know how buy to the referees, reviewed: "Always it has led a changing room and knows a lot of things. It would be necessary to ask him to him".

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