One of the two clear hands of Bruno Soriano in the Villarreal-Barça

The Barça, affected by clear controversies

The 4 grave referee's errors that would give him to the Barça the League

Published:20/05/2017 - 09:31h

Updated:20/05/2017 - 10:16h

Without centring us already in the twenty-one parties in which the Real Madrid has seen benefited this season by the referees in LaLiga Santander 2016-2017, there are four parties in which the ones of black penalised clearly to the Barça in his performances

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This League Santander 2016-2017 gives to write a novel of several volumes regarding the special performance of the referees in the 37 days contested to date. After having collected the twenty-one meetings in which the Real Madrid has seen benefited, of form much clearer or less, thanks to the referee's controversies in his favour, recover four meetings with which the FC Barcelona already would be champion of League.

The Barcelona have suffered four clear thefts in the state championship that, added the points, would give them like winners from does several days. Two duels like visitors in Benito Villamarín and The Ceramics, and other two in the Camp Nou, were witnesses of the desagravios.

The sonrojante goal ghost of the Betis-Barça (1-1)

The FC Barcelona empataba of form agónica and very unfair in Benito Villamarín, with a goal ghost that went in half metre inside the goal, but that neither the referee Hernández Hernández neither his assistants decided to give by valid so that it went up to the marker. Also it called the attention the fact that, in spite of the constant interruptions and the six changes made, the referee so only planted three minutes of addition to the meeting. This goal would have given two points more to the culés.

Two hands clamorosas of Bruno in the Villarreal-Barça (1-1)

In the duel that took place in The Ceramics, Villarreal and FC Barcelona empataron to one. However, before the end produced a very clear penalti of Bruno Soriano by hands inside the area, when diverting a shot of Leo Messi that went direct to door. The collegiate Churches Villanueva did not see it -or did not want to it see- and did not signal the maximum penalty in front of the protests culés.

Shortly after, Mascherano and again Bruno Soriano went back to commit hands inside his respective areas, but again Churches Villanueva no pitó, leaving to the Barça without two penaltis in favour and to the Villarreal without another. In case to having been signalled (and annotated), other two points that flew.

Fault of Bouquets to Mascherano in the 1-1 of the Barça-Madrid

In the Classical of December between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, the referee ate a very clear fault that would have changed the denouement of this League Santander 2016-2017. In the last minute, Sergio Bouquets annotated the so much of the tie to one in the Camp Nou. A goal that did not owe to go up to the marker then , as it could see in direct, the defence did him a clear fault to Mascherano, avoiding that it could jump. Two points less for the Madrid and two more for the Barça that would have decided it everything.

The performance of Of Boroughs Bengoetxea in the Barça-Málaga (0-0)

The referee Of Boroughs Bengoetxea and his assistants prejudiced clearly to the FC Barcelona. First signalling an offside non-existent of André Gomes in a played that finish with goal of Gerard Hammered, to fault of little less than ten minutes for the end. Justo afterwards, with a clear penalti committed on Gerard Hammered by agarrón, and that was not signalled by the referee. The protests of the players culés did not serve of at all, and little by little the despair dominated the game of a Barça that besieged to the Málaga, but without luck. Two points more... How many go already? As eight units, at all more and at all less, that joined to the the two less than the Madrid, would do a current advantage of seven points in the current classification. And this without explaining the others favours to the merengues.

Extra: The bad goal cancelled to Juanmi in the Real Sociedad-Barça (1-1)

But if it is necessary to be just, it would be necessary to remember that to the Real Sociedad cancelled him a legal goal of Juanmi of course offside in the tie to one of the Barça in Anoeta. A so much that would have meant a point less for the Barça that, still like this, would have won already the League with six points of difference. 

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