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The Camp Nou sacked with a minute of applauses of Manel Vich

Published:8/05/2016 - 17:55h

Updated:8/05/2016 - 20:45h

After the FC Barcelona homenajeara to his "speaker" died Manel Vich reproducing his traditional message of welcome, the Barcelona public applauded during all a minute of silence for homenajearle

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Lovely double homage to which has been the voice of the Camp Nou in these last sixty years and that died recently, Manel Vich. And it is that the FC Barcelona, as already it had advanced does days, received to his fans reproducing his usual message in which it could listen the "bona takes i benvinguts to the Estadi" that Vich related to the start of each party during these six decades.

Besides, the names of the alignments, technical as well as other typical comments of the "speaker" remained in "off", like homage to Vich. The fans ovacionó to his players when his names were appearing by the video marker of the stadium.

But the most moving part arrived before the referee of the meeting pitase the start of the party. In what it went to be a minute of silence, the fans of the FC Barcelona interpreted it like the best moment to break to applaud with an atronadora ovation to Manel Vich during all these 60 seconds. An action that put the pelos of tip to all the there present and that it was, finally, the best way of homenajear to all a myth.


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