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The proof that discredits to Zidane in the no-corridor to the Barça

Published:7/04/2018 - 15:32h

Updated:7/04/2018 - 15:52h

Zinedine Zidane has ensured that the Real Madrid will not do the corridor to the culés because "the Barcelona broke the tradition" to the not to do it after the World-wide of Clubs won by the whites. False. Neither Seville neither Granada did it to him in previous years

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A thing is LaLiga, and another the World-wide of Clubs. And therefore it results logical that a team do not do a corridor to another for having won the World-wide of Clubs, taking into account that there is not why praise the merit of the champion of the World-wide of Clubs when, in said tournament, so only can participate (and therefore win) a European club by edition.

The FC Barcelona argued the past month of December, like reason not to do the corridor to the Real Madrid in Santiago Bernabéu, that to the have not contested the group culé the World-wide of Clubs and treat of a distinct competition of LaLiga (championship to the that corresponded the Classical in question) did not have why make the symbolic act.

The argument of Zinedine Zidane, very feeble

And it did not do it, as it is natural, of the same way that did not do it Granada neither Seville. In 2016, after the Real Madrid also won the World-wide of the Clubs, neither the team hispalense in the Glass of Rey neither grenadian in LaLiga did him the corridor to the team merengue.

It fits to remember, however, that the FC Barcelona himself did it to him to the Real Madrid in a Classical in 2008, after the whites already had certified mathematically the title of LaLiga. The argument of Zinedine Zidane, therefore, is so feeble that does not sustain by any side.

If the Real Madrid does not do the corridor, is because it does not want to

It could have said simply that the Real Madrid only centres in the sportive, in trying win the parties and no in any another type of question; or directly it could have ensured that neither to him neither to his players, when treating of the eternal rival, have any win to commemorate the title of League that probably win the FC Barcelona in some days.

It would have been an answer, perhaps, sincerer. But affirm that the Real Madrid will not do the corridor because the Barcelona "broke the tradition", blaming besides to the group culé of not doing an act of 'Fair-Play' when the one who will not do it is the own white group, results improper of a personality of the size of Zinedine Zidane, always respected by the international football and that distills elegance by all the sides.

In any case, seems that Zidane has left it very clear. The Real Madrid will not repeat the image that starred the FC Barcelona in 2008, when with the maximum possible sportsmanship the players made a corridor to the white footballers, greeting them, applauding them and bumping them the hand. Sure that they did not have you win. Sure that they felt something humiliated. But, they know what? This also is football.

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