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The referees do balance of the first season of the VAR in LaLiga

Published:22/05/2019 - 16:41h

Updated:22/05/2019 - 16:41h

The season 2018-19 has supposed a revolution in LaLiga, since it has been the first that has had the help of the VAR. The referees have done balance of the campaign and of the intervention of the technology, a promising support that has margin of improvement

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The season 2018-19 is coming to an end, and the past weekend threw the closing in LaLiga. After a lot of months of work, the FC Barcelona proclaimed champion in an edition with historical novelties, since this year it certified the première of the VAR in the First Spanish Division. This Wednesday, the Technical Committee of Referees (CTA) organised a press conference in which it did balance of the course.

Carlos Velasco Carballo, president of the CTA, and Carlos Clos Gómez, director of the Project VAR in Spain, took the word to analyse the performance of the referees to national and international level: "The VAR forms part of the arbitration, but the arbitration is not only this. The referees have happened to rest twice a month to do it only twice a year. They have happened to arbitrate 19 parties to 36 and have made 15 seminars, by the four of the previous course. They have worked with 650 clips of video in these seminars".

"The Spanish arbitration is the one who more present is in the European competitions. In total, have been designated in 34 occasions, those that more by in front of Italy (33), Germany (32) and England (23). With regard to the two maximum European competitions from eighth, the Spaniards are those that more presence have had: Spain (8), England (4), Germany (7) and Italy (7)", explained.

Happening to the data, stood out that the exert of the trencillas in LaLiga line the excellent. In 38 days of competition detected 812 incidents in the area, and pitaron until 93 penaltis, with 91,5% of tarpaulin. Of the mistakes of the referees in the actions of area, a total of 69, the VAR corrected 44, when considering that the actions were clear and self-evident. The system also has had 25 errors shared with played no self-evident, but the result is promising: it Reduces the errors in the area 3,08% and improves the tarpaulin in 5,42%.

Also they exist satisfactory conclusions to general level, as for example in the cautions. They showed 1.967 yellow and had to take out 167 more, but the percentage of tarpaulin elevates until the 98,32. There was also 32 red direct, 7 of which recommended them the technology, but has determined that they could show until 7 more. In the 4.697 actions of offside, the tarpaulin situates in 93,53%, another point in which the VAR has reduced the percentage of error. The video, besides, used in 6,10% of the 983 goals annotated.

In the direct assessment of the VAR, have given details of his use, application and intervention, explaining that it has reviewed until 4.293 actions in the 380 parties contested and that has acted directly in 121 played (with an average of 12 reviews by party and performance each 3,14 commitments). Of these 121 interventions, in 114 corrected satisfactorily to the referees, and in the 7 remaining these decided to keep his initial trial (5 in cases of penalti and two went of game by interference).

The development of these 121 applications of the VAR reveals in what supposed has taken into account, since in 60 of them observed goals, in 49 penaltis, in 9 warned on possible red cards (of which 2 finish in yellow after the review) and 3 confusions of identity. In 66 occasions, the main referee attended to the monitor and in the 55 remaining communicated him to distance.

Other attainments of the system are the reduction of the protests and the simulations, an appearance that the CTA has published with special like. The complaints have gone down 17,3%, of 266 to 220. Besides, the simulations have gone down equally of 19 to 6 in this campaign. The times also have measured and signal that they take 83 seconds of average by each intervention, whereas if it consults the screen increase until 129 seconds.

The CTA clears that the VAR has margin of improvement

Velasco Carballo has underlined in his analysis that the VAR has a present very satisfactory, but that the best is that it still can improve: "Our referees have adapted very well to the changes. To the press conferences and to the VAR. In this last, his adaptation has been extraordinary. It seems that we carry all the life with VAR. The referees have been very consistent in the interpretation of the offside and of the hands. Can improve in the evaluation of grave brusque game, in the unification of criteria, in the line of intervention of the VAR, reduce the time employed in reviewing the played and continue in the research of the error zero".

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