The words of Messi to Pau López in the Barça-Espanyol

Published:10/05/2016 - 16:25h

Updated:10/05/2016 - 16:25h

The Argentinian star of the FC Barcelona, Leo Messi, did not contain during the "derbi" Barça-Espanyol of the weekend and, after a goal of Luis Suárez, devoted some words to Pau López after the previous provocations of the goalkeeper

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A video of the program "The Day Afterwards", of Channel , has collected the words that devoted Leo Messi to Pau López, goalkeeper of the RCD Espanyol, during the derbi Catalan of this past weekend, in which the culés won by 5-0 to continue threatening the title of League BBVA.

The case is that Pau López, once again, was causing during all the party to players of the FC Barcelona like Luis Suárez, to the one who arrived to patear and step with very little dissemble, for afterwards pretend an aggression of the Uruguayan star throwing to the lawn of backs. The case is that the cameras registered the "hammer" constant between the forwards culés and Pau López, and the guardameta does not remain very very unemployed.

The cancerbero, that stepped the leg of Leo Messi in the "derbi" of Glass of the King of the past month of January, received a dedicatoria special of Leo Messi after one of the goals of Luis Suárez. "Andate Boludo. Andate Now, huevón. Andate bobo", shouted him Messi with a half full smile of irony, after the espanyolista fit a goal of head of the Uruguayan, and before it made the blunder of the day in the goal of Rafinha.

Pau López limited to look from the distance to Messi and laugh shyly, surely conscious that it had remained in ridiculous, although still it was missing him receive another dedicatoria special, the one of the Camp Nou, that sacked him with mockeries, insults and laughs. Already they say it, that the one who seeds wind finish collecting tempestades. It is, definitely, the case of Pau López.

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