Javier Thebes, during an act of LaLiga


Thebes, investigated by presumptive fiscal fraud to Inland revenue

Published:14/06/2017 - 20:40h

Updated:14/06/2017 - 21:06h

If Cristiano Ronaldo hoards all the covers for having evaded supposedly 14,7 million euros, Javier Thebes, president of LaLiga, the one who would be being investigated by a supposed fiscal fraud of five million euros

Tickets for FC Barcelona matches

As it informs "The Confidential", the investigation centres in the activities of a company created by LaLiga of which formed part like director the own Thebes and in which they also participated Jaume Roures and 'Tatxo' Benet, the two maximum shareholders of Mediapro.

The business end of Spanish Soccer International Marketing AIE -name of the company created- was related with the sport, in concrete on "the provision under any contractual modality of auxiliary services and to the activities developed by his partners", that is to say, management, exploitation and distribution of the rights of the football.

Thebes does not deny that there is an open investigation by the Agency Tributaria, although it commented that the data of this society do not correspond with investigation carried out by the fisco.

Thebes thinks that the Catalan sportsmen are coerced

"If a Catalan player says that it wants to that it wants to that Catalonia was still in Spain, goes to have a lot of part of the current Catalan system against", signalled Thebes this Tuesday to the time that said to know of "a lot of professional footballers and Catalan sportsmen" that prefer "not speaking of the subject" therefore.

Even it had words for Pep Guardiola: "To him it would command him a very personal message. I am Catalan, my mother is it and for a lot of Spaniards Catalonia keeps on being Spain, is a decision that have to take all, no only those that live there", sentenced Thebes.

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