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CONTROVERSY: The first reactions after the monumental mess in Brazil-Argentina

Published:5/09/2021 - 22:38h

Updated:5/09/2021 - 23:40h

The South American Classic Brazil-Argentina was marked by a scandal from the health authorities, who entered the field before the match was suspended

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A Brazil-Argentina always is interesting, but never before had been so controversial. This Sunday, in the crash by the eliminatory for the World-wide of Catar 2022, the party between the 'canarinha' and albiceleste was suspended after the sanitary authorities ingresaran to the terrain of game in 'research' of four players that broke the sanitary measures and that they had to be deported.

The scandal, with the Conmebol like protagonist, has ocasionado a sinfín of reactions and complaints. It fits to remember that this afternoon, the National Agency of Sanitary Surveillance had issued an official communiqué with which instaban to the Brazilian authorities to prevent the activity of four players of the 'albiceleste': Emiliano Martínez, Emiliano Buendía, Giovani Celso and Cristian Romero.

The confederation there was presionado so that it resolved the federative problem, but to the five minutes of party the authorities went in in the terrain of game and Argentina left to the changing rooms. The party was suspended shortly after. The Conmebol explained in social networks that "by decision of the referee of the party, the meeting organised by FIFA between Brazil and Argentinian by the Eliminatory for the Glass of the World remains suspended" and that "will elevate a report to the Disciplinary Commission of the FIFA, which will determine the steps to be followed. These procedures encircle strictly to the valid regulations".

From Anviasa, satisfied

Antonio Sweep Torres, president of Anvisa, said in the half 'Globe' that "the 4 players have to be deported of Brazil. They will be fined and sanctioned by the sequence of sanitary infringements. They do not fulfil with the Brazilian sanitary rule".

Bolsonaro: "They knew that they were infringiendo the law"

Flavio Bolsonaro, president of Brazil, pronounced in his social networks, defending the intervention of Anvisa and condemning the performance of the Argentinians. "The Argentinians played a bad past. They knew that they were infringiendo the Brazilian law, prevented that Anvisa fixed in them and, by the strength, escalaron the 4 of England. PF Has to investigate who did not take measures before the party and Argentinian would have to be severely punished".

Leo Messi explodes

The captain albiceleste, Leo Messi, visibly annoying, said to the authorities: "three days ago we are here. They were expecting that it begin the party to go in and brake it. For what do us play?". The player of the Paris Saint-Germain tried to mediate with the authorities in the field, but finished leaving beside his mates to the changing room.

Scaloni, disappointed

The seleccionador Argentinian, Scaloni, aimed in the field: "Why they did not go them to look for in the hotel?", also very angered by the catastrophe that lived his players and all the Argentinian federation.

After the party, the trainer went back to speak: "it puts Me very sad. I do not look for any culprit. It is very sad what finish of suceder. It had to be a party for all and finishes in this. I do not know that word use. In this case like trainer have to defend to my players. If they go in people saying that they wanted to deport them, there was not any chance. The delegate of Conmebol said that we go us to the changing room".

The AFA, indignant

Claudio Wall, President of the Argentinian Federation of Football, has said that "Here it can not speak of any lie because there is a sanitary legislation under which play all the tournaments sudamericanos. The sanitary authorities of each country approved a protocol that come fulfilling to the maximum. What lived today is regrettable for the football, is a very bad image. Four people ingresaron to interrupt the party to do a notification and Conmebol requested to the players that went to the changing room".

Luciano Nakis, leader of the AFA, commented in his account of Twitter that: "How Argentinian, leaders and lovers of the football; we regret the become to minutes of begun the party between Brazil and Argentina. A fact that blurs what would have to have been a party and that the people have seen made impossible to enjoy the best classical of the world".

Agüero Thinks in Twitter

The Argentinian forward of the FC Barcelona, Sergio the 'Kun' Agüero, did not doubt in sending a message poisoned by his social networks: "A comment on this? Mine is: Niaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa", entirely disappointed after the acts sucedidos in the Brazilian field.

In Argentina do not understand it

The newspaper 'Olé' titled in his web page that "Papelón world-wide Brazilian: they braked the party", exposing that "this Sunday wrote one of the greater papelones of the world-wide football. Argentina was contesting his meeting of Eliminatory in front of Brazil, afterwards of a previous hot, and to the five minutes put to the field the sanitary authorities to carry to the four Argentinian footballers that play in the Premier. In the middle of discussions, pushes and embarrassments, the ones of Scaloni left the Sand Corinthians. And, a while afterwards, the Conmebol announced that it suspended the party".

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