James Rodríguez and Leo Messi, greeting after the Argentina-Colombia


James Rodríguez, ilusionado after winning to the Argentinian of Messi

Published:16/06/2019 - 08:33h

Updated:16/06/2019 - 08:33h

James Rodríguez was one of the big pillars of the selection of Colombia in the victory of this morning against Argentina, and after the triumph showed especially ilusionado with the possibilities of the 'cafeteros' in this Glass America

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The midfield player of the Real Madrid that probably go back to change of airs in this next market of signings, James Rodríguez, went back to be one of the big pillars of the selection of Colombia in the triumph harvested in front of Argentina (0-2). The 'cafeteros' imposed to the albiceleste in the debut in the Glass America 2019, and after the party James exposed his win to attain something important in this tournament.

"In these short tournaments it is necessary to be well, know that at the end it wins the one who less commit errors. It is missing us a lot, but I consider that today we have played very well", it analysed James Rodríguez, happy for having won to one of the favourites for the title as it is the Argentinian of Leo Messi. "It is beautiful to win after so many years, the most important is that all have done an effort tremendo and want to congratulate to all the boys as we make something big. It is a good day for all".

Colombia arrives to this Glass America 2019 without ceiling, and with the will to go step by step to approach to the title. "It does several years come with the mentality of always win. Each party try to do the things of the best way and think that today could execute well the plan". For this, ensured that they have to be calm and think in the daily work.

"We have to be calm, remain us two hard parties. The aim of us is to happen of group and remain champions", stood out, before devoting the triumph to all the Colombian followers, and especially to which have travelled until Brazilian earths to support to the selection. "I devote it to him to all the people that came until here and to all Colombia because it is an only day", concluded.

The future of James Rodríguez, in the air

James Rodríguez, with the future in the air, will try to take advantage of all the 'chances' that have in the Glass America 2019 for revalorizarse in the market of signings and, like this, achieve a good agreement in his future destination. For now it seems complicated that it can remain in the Real Madrid, where Zinedine Zidane never has trusted of the all in his provision like player title.

The Bayern Munich already has left clear that will not exert his clause of purchase, by what the Colombian will happen the pre-season 2019 with the Real Madrid unless, before it arrive the marked date to go back to the trainings, do official his signing by another club. The Naples of Carlo Ancelotti would be very interested in receiving him in the staff

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