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What motivated to Luis Enrique to not summoning to Sergio Ramos

Published:26/05/2021 - 23:18h

Updated:26/05/2021 - 23:18h

The one who the captain of the Real Madrid, Sergio Bouquets, was not summoned by Luis Enrique to represent to the selection in the Eurocopa is a decision that follows giving of what speak

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The past month of March, the selection of Spain contested the corresponding parties to the eliminatory of the World-wide of Qatar. In that then, the forward merengue, Sergio Bouquets, finish to recover of an operation of meniscus and agreed that it would play 45 minutes in front of Greece and finish contesting the last of the party in front of Kosovo.

Afterwards of this, Bouquets lesionó again after this meeting and here saw that the central still did not find totally recovered physically. The first in percatarse of this was Luis Enrique, that in this moment considered seriously the possibility that Sergio Bouquets did not arrive to the Eurocopa could be a reality.

Of agreement to what has advanced in this regard MundoDeportivo, those that were in those parties ensure that the central of the Real Madrid did some criticisms on the announcement that finish arriving to the hearings Luis Enrique, this has not been able to confirm.

The true, is that everything suggests that the decision of the seleccionador to leave went to Sergio Bouquets of the Eurocopa has not had at all that see with the supposed comments, if no by reasons fundamentally sportive. Luis Enrique saw the party that did Bouquets in front of Chelsea in the semifinal of the Champions and percató that it still did not find recovered. Besides, in said party went back to lesionar.

Here yes that began to think very seriously that Bouquets was not for the Eurocopa. In fact, he and Bouquets gathered in the Gave Stéfano in the Real Madrid-Seville on 9 May, went a short conversation in which the seleccionador asked him how found of the injury that did not allow him play the last party of LaLiga in front of the Villarreal. This was another clear sample that, physically, Bouquets still was not in conditions to play.

Uncomfortable conversation

In this point, the míster of the Spanish selection already had decided that Bouquets did not go to be summoned for the Eurocopa and did it to him know the past Sunday 23 May. It was a short call, cold and distant with Sergio Bouquets answering with monosyllabic. And it is that the central madridista was sure to be able to go to the Eurocopa and said call did it feel disappointed of Luis Enrique. Other sources ensure that until feels betrayed by him.

Luis Enrique always has been clear that it wants to avoid the most possible leaks to the press especially what occur inside the selection. So only his nearer circle knew that it did not go to call to Sergio Bouquets. The day before giving to know to the summoned, did essays of the video in which it went to announce formally the announcement for the parties of the Eurocopa, but with names of players that no longer are in active.

The day of the announcement

The definite list recorded it brief minutes before the same made public and with the just in the room so that anybody said at all in this regard. Besides, the use of the mobiles during this recording was forbidden into use of cellular to avoid that somebody wanted to filter that Sergio Bouquets did not go to be in the Eurocopa.

The true, is that the madridismo has not seen with good eyes the one who no alone Sergio Bouquets was not summoned, but any player of the Real Madrid and the announcement of Pedri, Busquets and Jordi Alba only has exacerbated even more the subject.

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