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Switzerland throws of epic to surpass to France and put in chambers!

Published:28/06/2021 - 23:49h

Updated:29/06/2021 - 00:03h

They are being some eighth of final very atypical and full of surprise for the big. In batch of penal, Switzerland has sealed his pass to the quarter-finals to confront to Spain

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It is being the Eurocopa of the surprises. Throwing of epic, Switzerland has achieved to delete to the champion of the world, France, in the eighth of final in a no apt party for cardiac and full of emotion. The Swiss soprendieron first, with a so much milagroso, but Benzema and Pogba traced back in the beginning of the second part. Finally, the ones of Petkovic equalised the marker in the last sigh of the statutory time to force the extention.

When France can not run neither create game, is very complicated that they achieve a good result. This time the talent of Kylian Mbappé, Antoine Griezmann and Karim Benzema was not sufficient in the first time of the meeting to advance in the marker, with a Swiss that, with little, created a lot danger in the area of Hugo Lloris. A group 'bleu' broken, without ideas and with a lot of failures backwards. The balloon was for the Frenchmen, but did not know what do with him and, when they approached to the area of Sommer little could generate. To the fifteen minutes, of sorpesa and without prior notice, the Swiss advanced in the electronic after a centre that commanded Zuber from the left band to the side of the area. Seferovic Won to Clément Lenglet in the jump and cabeceó adjusted to put the 0-1.

The ones of Didier Deschamps did not hide and were still in the research of a goal that put them in the party, with opportunities very clear but without effectiveness any of face to the porteria. In the 23', Rabiot put the balloon from background line, arrived Benzema to cabecear but appeared a determinant Sommer to avoid the so much of the player of the Real Madrid. The French suffered by the marker, but without intention to surrender .

In the beginning of the second part, the libreto was the same, with a French selection suffocating to the Swiss inside his field. However, they went the ones of Petkovic those that surprised first, once again. In the 50', Embolo confined in the area and did not hit to enchufarla, trying do a pass of the death that Seferovic did not achieve to hunt. Three minutes afterwards, Switzerland did with a penal after a fault of Pavard on Zuber, but Hugo Llorís dressed of saint to detain the powerful shot of Ricardo Rodríguez. That was the turning point for the ones of Deschamps that, from this played, did with the party.

Traced back French... And reaction of Switzerland

In the 58', Karim Benzema signed a golazo, of pure 'crack', to sign the tables. Mbappé Had put a balloon to the gap in the area and the one of the Madrid dehó the leg backwards to rescue it and put it by in front in career, to define of exquisite way. Immediately, it arrived the traced back. The trident of gold of France jointed to create the 2-1, with a wall of Griezmann with Mbappé in the frontal. The 'Principito' received in the area, advanced to background line and put it high, to the second stick, so that Benzema finished of head and signed his doublet in Romania.

The French did not want to go without more and to 15 minutes of the end, Paul Pogba added to the party. Now, Benzema had shot but Xhaka refused his finish. The balloon fell in the boots of the player of the Manchester United and, to 24 metres of distances, commanded a powerful zapatazo with the right, with rosquita, that went in direct by the square.

Switzerland tried to react and achieved to mark the discount, after Mbabu put a centre to the area so that Seferovic appeared to comb it and signed his doublet. Three minutes afterwards, signed the tie, but was cancelled by offside. Gavranovic Hunted a refuse in the area, but was in position irreglamentaria. When already France felt in chambers, Gavranovic recortó in to the frontal, shot without opposition and put the balloon hit to the left stick of Lloris to sign the tables.

Definition in penal

In the extra time, France did not achieve to keep the pressure that in the second part of the party and the physical tiredness began to happen bills. The players were melted, in both edicts, and did not give for more. Kylian Mbappé Achieved a finish from the frontal very flojito, but left went without seeing door. 'Donatello' had another clear after a failure of the defence that did not intercept a balloon in the area. Pogba Commanded a bestial pass and the forward of the PSG finished with the left-handed in the beak of the area girl and commanded it was. France tried and tried, but was not sufficient and the definition arrived in the batch of penaltis, in which the Swiss sealed his pass to the quarter-finals of the Eurocopa, after achieving a 4-5 from the eleven metres.

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